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Dear Friends of the Center: 

A colleague recently sent us a link to this chart from the Educational Policy Institute, which uses BLS’s projections of education requirements in the labor market. To no one’s surprise, the colleague expressed shock that the projections suggest only 30% of jobs in 2022 will require at least some postsecondary education, i.e., postsecondary certificates, professional certifications, AAs, BAs, or graduate degrees. 

We have argued many times that the BLS projections are flawed, and while the BLS has confirmed that it doesn’t project education demand and only provides information on “entry level requirements for jobs,” many are unaware of this and erroneously interpret its results as such. Nevertheless, these projections continue to inform policy and practice, leading to decisions of enormous gravity based on poor information. 
As we move forward in this recovery, it is important for us to continue dispelling myths related to the economic value of a college education. In case you missed it, our most recent effort to explain the issue comprehensively was a piece on the PBS Newshour’s blog.
This summer, as we recap our progress, we cannot help but celebrate the great strides made on workforce issues. On Tuesday, July 22, the president signed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) into law. WIOA allocates $3 billion each year to states and is the single largest source of federal funding for workforce development activities.
We look forward to seeing this program grow and plan to continue contributing to its policy discussion. With the same fervor, we hope to increase awareness on the issues highlighted in this newsletter and encourage you to do the same. Thank you for your support.

Jeff Strohl
Director of Research

Lehman College
Walmart Foundation
Ivory Tower
Check out Lehman College’s keynote speaker, Anthony Carnevale; speak on the changes in the American workforce and what they mean for the future of higher education here.
Congratulations to Nicole Smith for her seminar at “The 2014 Council of Independent Colleges/Walmart Foundation Symposium on First-Generation College Students” focusing on retaining and graduating first-generation students. Check out her presentation here.
Grab some popcorn, head to the movies and go see the highly acclaimed documentary, Ivory Tower, revealing how colleges in the United States came to embrace a business model that often promotes expansion over quality learning with guest appearance by Anthony Carnevale! 
Achieving Racial and Economic Diversity with Race-Blind Admissions Policy
Get Smart: A 21st Century Education
The Online College
Labor Market
Sponsored by Lumina and created by the Century Foundation, Anthony Carnevale and Jeff Strohl co-authored the chapter highlighting alternatives to race-conscious affirmative-action and how they could produce more diversity than just concentrating on race.
Nicole Smith and Anthony Carnevale’s focus on the needs of working women and what can be done to ensure their success in today’s economy in Maria Shriver’s report
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In this report, we show what each Bachelor’s degree is worth and the median earning for 117 majors. Stay tuned for the updated version of this report.
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