Join us as we reflect upon 2015 in our winter newsletter. 
Dear Friends of the Center: 

As we reflect on the past year before surging ahead into a productive 2016, we are mindful of the ongoing support we have received from all of you. From engaging with us on social media, to sharing our latest research, to providing us with meaningful feedback, to collaborating on projects--we are grateful for your involvement in our work.


We were fortunate to have a successful 2015, and hiring five new staff members certainly helped make that possible. We produced 12 new reports, six of which were released in the last quarter alone. Our coverage in the media continued to be strong as we closed out the year with a Letter to the Editor published in The New York Times on the merits of class-based affirmative action.


The Center also enhanced its online presence by redesigning its website and launching a LinkedIn page. Just last month, we continued to expand our digital footprint as we created a new webpage section for our State Initiative featuring an interactive map of the 50 states and DC. Speaking of initiatives, we began a new venture on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion this past fall. With this endeavor, we are currently preparing to conduct a second webinar for counselors on 21st century competencies tomorrow, produce a second report and launch an interactive webpage of equity-related resources.


With the New Year already underway, we look ahead to a fruitful production calendar with many reports in the queue that we hope resonate in the higher education and labor market arenas. We look forward to working with you in the coming months, and we thank you for your continued support of our efforts.



Nicole Smith

Chief Economist

Now Hiring: Digital Design and Production Specialist
The Center seeks a Digital Design and Production Specialist with experience in innovative design expertise, web development and project coordination. The position will have substantial involvement in the production of the Center's reports and will provide the communications team with graphic design creativity and front-end web development. Read the full description and apply here by February 19.

North Carolina Sets Attainment Goal

North Carolina has joined a growing number of states with comprehensive postsecondary education attainment goals. At a summit held in North Carolina in Fall 2015, Governor Pat McCrory set a goal of equipping 67 percent of working adults in North Carolina with postsecondary education and training by 2025. The Governor cited our estimate that helped align the goal with workforce needs. More than 30 states have postsecondary education attainment goals with a target date, objectives for closing achievement gaps for underrepresented student populations, and broad stakeholder support. Read the press release.

CEW Joins LinkedIn 
The Center has joined LinkedIn to continue connecting and engaging with our audiences. Make sure to follow us to stay up-to-date on CEW news, new releases and Slideshare presentations. Follow us here:

State Initiative Portal Now Live 
As the central online hub for our State Initiative, this new portal houses research for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Our initiative is a multi-state effort to help develop information systems that integrate education and workforce data to improve policies and programs. The portal features all of our state-level research such as job projections and the economic value of college majors. Visit to use the interactive map, view state-related reports and stay up-to-date with ongoing state projects.

Credentials Summit Taking Place Feb. 17
The Parchment Summit on Innovating Academic Credentials will connect a cross section of leaders and practitioners from higher education, philanthropy and technology for a day on innovating academic credentials. CEW Director Anthony Carnevale will deliver the keynote address at the DC event, which takes place Wednesday, February 17 from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm at the Renaissance Hotel in DC. The event aims to explore the future of credentials through a series of keynote addresses, panel discussions and workshops.

Iowa Governor's Press Conference 
2015 Access Group Legal Education Research Symposium 
College Readiness Summit
In October, Nicole Smith spoke at the Iowa Governor’s Press Conference about our report, Iowa: Education and Workforce Trends Through 2025. She also helped announce Iowa’s new goal to have 70 percent of Iowans obtain education or training beyond high school by 2025.
Jeff Strohl served as keynote speaker at the Access Group Legal Research Symposium held in Savannah, GA in November. At the event, he convened with law school deans, administrators, faculty and researchers from across the nation to discuss the most challenging issues facing legal education.
In December, Andrew Hanson spoke to a group of state officials affiliated with the National Conference of State Legislatures at their College Readiness Summit about the state of the job market and what states can do to ensure all students are career ready.  
Learning while Earning: The New Normal
Sharp Declines In Underemployment for College Graduates
Six Million Missing Jobs: The Lingering Pain of the Great Recession 
Oct. 28, 2015- Working while enrolled in college isn't easy, but it's the new normal. In this report, we find that more than 70 percent of college students balance work and school.
Nov. 29, 2015- There is good news for college graduates. Our analysis shows a sharp decline in underemployment among college graduates.
Dec. 14, 2015- This report reveals there are six million jobs still missing from the economy due to the Great Recession. In addition, 3 million of those jobs would have gone to college graduates.
African-American Majors
Learn about the national breakdown of African Americans by college majors and respective earnings. This report illustrates which majors are the most popular and details the rate of completion for African Americans in the fields of study of Business, Health, Education, and other undergraduate majors.
This report looks at the gender-wage gap from the perspective of occupational choice. It dispels the myth that more education and high-paying occupations will close the gap entirely. It also examines discrimination in pay by race for women.
 A record 36.4% of young women were living at home with their parents last year. Carnevale comments in this Market Watch article explaining just one of the many reasons is due to rising housing costs.
This article reveals that working your way through college just isn’t possible these days. Read more in this Bloomberg Business article referencing our Working Learners report.
Want to avoid being underemployed? Get a college degree! This Fortune article uses our Underemployment article to show those with a college degree are less likely to be underemployed.
What happens when your boss foots the bill for college? Find out in this The Atlantic article quoting Nicole Smith.
Find out which colleges make the list for the top colleges that offer the best value for your money, using our Ranking Your College data in this Business Insider article.
Anthony Carnevale makes the
list for Forbes' Higher Education's Top 10 Influencers of 2015. 
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