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Photo credit:  Neal Cooper (CNP Safaris)

Lesson 7: Resting is part of the plan
Rest is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for all of us. It rejuvenates our bodies and mind, regulates our mood, and is linked to learning and memory function. On the other hand, not getting enough rest can negatively affect our mood, immune system, memory, and stress levels.
So this is the time of year when we all try and finish that project, wrap up on exams, hand in assignments and franticly work to meet the deadlines and thus this lesson from lions is so applicable that resting is part of their plan.
We know that lions are unique in that they are the only cats to live in groups (prides). They are the largest member of the cat family and the largest of all the African carnivores. They are the top predator in any African ecosystem where they live. But what are some of the reasons why they are so successful? I believe that a portion of it is in their DNA and resting is part of that DNA. Take a look at just how much time these big cats spend “catnapping”.

Photo credit:  Neal Cooper (CNP Safaris)
Lions are mainly nocturnal and are reputed to spend as much as 20 hours a day resting. This is when they seem to enjoy one anothers company with loads of touching, head rubbing and licking. This activity generally peaks after dusk with a period of socializing, grooming, and bonding. Intermittent bursts of activity follow through the night hours until dawn, when hunting most often takes place. They spend an average of two hours per day walking and 50 minutes eating.
Following a large meal, male lions may actually sleep an entire 24 hours of a day. Female lions are not far behind their male counterparts. They will easily sleep 15 to 18 hours a day.
Preparing for the intense business of hunting and killing for a living does require sufficient rest and it is during these periods of rest that intentional efforts are made to strengthen bonds, relationships and alliances. Nature again shows us the way. You cannot hunt continuously. Hunger need to be the driving force and rest is a prerequisite for continued success.

Our world is different. We are so busy and we like that about ourselves. We also hate that about ourselves. Ask someone how they're doing and you're likely to hear something along the lines of "You have no idea how crazy it has been" or "There is just so much to do" “I just can’t keep up”
Sadly, some of us will stay busy for the rest of our lives because we worship it. We take pride in being busy. We associate being busy with having value and having a sense of worth because we equate it with being productive. Our unrelenting hectic schedules eventually chip away at our physical, emotional and spiritual health. We all need rest.

We also live in a culture of sensory overload and continuous connectivity. We need to be available 24/7 and technology and social media have shaped our lives in a profound way.  So it’s no wonder we have a tough time finding time for ourselves. 

Photo credit:  Neal Cooper (CNP Safaris)
As Nancy Kline pointed out in her book Time to think. “We need to give our minds a break… I still need more healthy rest in order to work at my best. My health is the main capital I have and I want to administer it intelligently. I need as much discipline to rest, as to work really hard. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, time to rest, to reflect and time to think. We need it to find ourselves again to enable us to make a real difference in what we do.”
Rest is a break from activity or labour…. where as relaxation is that blissful state of being at peace with oneself and with the world. The reality is that one can have frequent periods of rest without being the least at all relaxed! I have also heard people say that after their holiday break how tired they were. Something to think about, right?
Resting is more physical, relaxation is more mental. What is important is that we should incorporate both rest and relaxation in our plans to help rejuvenate ourselves for the next task, allowing us to regain focus and feel energize to just fire away.
We all know that sleep plays an important role in our physical health and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Relaxation plays a key part in stress relief. So if you struggle with constantly worrying or stressing about certain concerns, you can’t really relax.
Therefore what I am encouraging you to do, now that you are aware of the difference, is to practice combining mind and body so that your health benefits more. Before the next hunt, rest well! “Go and lie down”, Turn the volume down turn the devices off. Pay attention to personal relationships and connect with your loved ones.
May you have a restful time during the festive season.
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