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As the year is drawing to a close, PDD and partners proudly present you with feedback on what has truly been a notable year. We trust that you also had a year filled with work progress and success in your business. So many of our clients have echoed that this year was characterised by busy schedules and an incredible pace …and now we are accelerating towards the festive season.

We were again invited to present at the Global ATD Conference in Orlando Florida this year. One of the Key note speakers at this year’s conference was Andrea Jung. Jung is the former CEO and chairwoman of AVON and was responsible for developing the company strategy and brand initiatives that expanded AVON to more than 100 countries. At AVON she served as CEO from 1999 through April 2012. During her tenure she championed woman empowerment, and employment opportunities around the world. She ranks consistently on Fortune magazine’s “Most powerful women in the World” and Financial Times’ “Top woman in world business”.
Jung shared thoughts on why leadership is so important for changing times and offered some advice to the more than 10 000 participants at the Conference. We would like to share a few key thoughts from her leadership lessons as the year is drawing to a close.
Jung’s first recommendation in leading National and Global companies was that its vision and values be a language easily understood by everyone. The values must be lived by everyone in an authentic way. Values and integrity have to be the bedrock
Her next lesson was that leadership “is all about influence”. Leaders must be able to motivate, inspire and share visions. She made a clear distinction between power and influence. Influence requires engagement and is more nuanced than the power associated with a particular position.
She stresses that leaders can never over-communicate, revealing her regard for the term “hyper-communication”. That means keeping the lines of communicating open when there is both good and bad news. She sited the example of how she personally traveled around the world to explain the reasons for restructuring to those affected by retrenchments.  Authentic leadership doesn’t shy away from the difficult discussions!
If companies want to continue to succeed, reinvention will be key. “What made you successful to date will not make you successful in the future”. You cannot reinvent your organization without reinventing yourself first. To do that Jung suggests that “leaders fire themselves every Friday and show up on a Monday as if it is their first day at work”. Rethink all the decisions you have made and look at what is on your table with a new lens. The boldest most courageous moves comes from constant reinvention.
A final lesson to organizations is that they should “Do good, It is as important as doing well”
Contributing to a greater social good has to be a barometer for any organization.
This is a powerful way to unite employees and contribute to a better world.
At Peoples Dynamic Development we also believe that developing leaders is now a greater challenge that ever before. We have fond memories of more than 7 000 delegates that have attended our programmes in the last 15 years. Thank you to those who have trusted us, supported us and have encouraged us to do what we love most.


People’s Dynamic Development was again blessed and participated with some longstanding clients in turn key projects. We have also established some new and meaningful business relationships. Please allow us to share some highlights.

We would like to thank the following clients who have entrusted us with their most important asset - their people and teams:
Allan Gray                              Assmang- Black Rock Mine
AVENG Construction             AVENG Manufacturing
CSIR Stellenbosch                  ERWAT                                
Engen                                      GlaxoSmithKline
Growthpoint                            Hillary Construction                           
Kumba Iron Ore                      Mediclinic       
Multichoice Africa                  Multichoice Nigeria
New Apostolic Church            Pick & Pay foods
Ram Couriers                           Distell
Transnet                                    UNISA
University of Stellenbosch Business School

PDD again partnered with University of Stellenbosch Business School to grow the Small business Academy
Why the Small Business Academy?
The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) started an initiative to meaningfully engage with society at large. This resonated with us at Peoples Dynamic Development as the Small Business Academy initiative contributes to the lives and businesses of small business owners in townships. This initiative is about sharing knowledge and working closely with small business owners in an effort to develop business skills.

PDD trained the group of entrepreneurs from Khayelitsha and Michells Plain, Cape Town as well as the Alumni from the USB as mentors .

The USB works with corporate sponsors and other stakeholders to develop a skill set for small business owners and to support and guide them for 8 to 9 months. The initiative comprises a nine-month business development programme which covers from training in financial management, HR, proposal writing for funds, business structures and business plans to personal development, to mentoring, coaching and workshop.


These entrepreneurs started at the USB Small Business Academy in 2015. The initiative will be extended to other townships in years to come. The participants will be part of the USB development programme for up to 9 months, after which they will graduate end 2015 with a certificate.

Synergy for Teams
We have now taken more than 500 local and international teams through our Synergy programme. Most of these teams have completed the synergy diagnostic tool. This rich database provides us with interesting data on team dis-functions (typical problems and issues impacting on team effectiveness) within local and international teams. For more information on this contact our office at 012 9930571.
PDD were actively engaged as thought leaders on different topics locally and internationally.

Our 8th  ATD International Conference

PDD had the honour this year again (for the 8th time) to present at the annual ATD (Association for Talent Development) Conference, 17-20  May 2015 in Orlando Florida.  Our topic “Building leadership capacity to lead high performing teams” should in our view be a central part of leadership and talent development.
Experience shows that one of the biggest derailers of leaders is when organisations move talented individuals, often because of their technical competence, into high powered positions without providing them with sufficient transitional support to lead teams.
These young leaders are then expected to support their team’s growth, assess team strength and weakness, deal with behaviours that limit team synergy, as well as focus on challenging organisational goals.
Most of us have experienced the tell-tale signs of “dysfunctional teams”. The symptoms are just so evident! Then there are the teams that somehow just get it right, they achieve the highest level of performance and synergy seem to be so easy! What could be accounted for their success? Is it strong work ethic, is it individual brilliance, or could success be attributed to chemistry, how important is leadership? Are teams dysfunctional because of poor leadership? What roles should leaders play to strengthen and build their teams to become high performing?


Niël & Andrè van Rensburg - Partner PDD in USA

Apollo - A last goodbye
Our dear lion friend and “partner” in PDD died in February this year at the ripe old age of 16. We shared memorable moments with Apollo, introducing him over the years to clients and delegates. He awed us with his presence, that majestic roar and his spontaneous greetings. He will be remembered and dearly missed. His legacy continues. Read his story on our website,za

Niël and Covu.  Apollo's last cub.


What would happen in your business and personal life if we all worked together towards a common goal, like a pride of lions works together for survival?
This long awaited series of lessons share the parallels between a pride of lions and human behavior…in business, the family, and how it impacts your personal life.
Here is a sample of topics covered that are available on our website.
  • It’s all about relationships
  • The territory is strategic to a pride’s success
  • Hunting to your strengths
  • Living in the tension
  • Hunting Buffalo?
  • The intelligence of execution
  • Resting is part of the plan



During October PDD has had the privilege of rolling out our mentor capacity building programme for Multichoice Nigeria. The lion metaphor was well received and the Multichoice business will be “Raising future giants” as part of their leadership development initiatives.
“Dear Niel, Thank you for an impactful 4 days session with the team in Nigeria, feedback from the Exco- members (2 days session) and also the middle management team session were very productive and life changing. We hope to continue the relationship with you by developing a sustainable structure that would assist the team in improving their leadership capability through their implementing of the mentoring skill”  -Ayo Ajala Training and Development Manager Nigeria



During the past year Birgit our partner in Western Cape has continued to provide a comprehensive consultation service to our clients. Over the next few years she has however taken a decision to concentrate the majority of her efforts on her PhD studies in a virtually full-time capacity. Niel and the rest of the PDD team will continue to provide service and support to the Western Cape clients.



Andre van Rensburg, our partner in the USA has presented at a number of  engagements during the year. He has made significant progress in his doctoral studies in management, focusing on leadership and teams. His studies have positively influenced the growth and direction of our team and company leadership and team development.

Andre’s health was severely affected during the past year and he is currently treated for cancer. He has just undergone a bone marrow transplant in Houston and we pray for his full recovery.

Please pray for him and his family during this time.


Sharing more thoughts, providing innovative training solutions and serving you, our valued customer.
Kind regards,
Everyone at PDD: 
Niël, Birgit, Sthe, Andre, Estelle, Mia, Celeste, Beth and Phyllis

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