Niël Steinmann:  A Tribute to Andrè van Rensburg
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I remember the very first phone call I received from Andre. His polite and professional manner, his soft yet firm way of getting his point across and clearly stating his needs. I was immediately interested and soon realised we had so much in common:
  • The dream to grow a consulting business that could assist organisations across the Atlantic.
  • Our passion for the African bush and the wonderful metaphors and lessons we could share and teach.
  • Our common values around family and raising children, and
  • To live a life of purpose and our greater contribution to society
The journey of our relationship is a remarkable one. It feels like I have known Andre a life time and yet there was so much to discover every moment we spent together.
Facilitating a work session with him, watching him present, or just the telephone conversations we had about business, research, further studies, challenged me and altered my thinking. Clearly I was the one benefitting from that first phone call. Andre had so much to offer.
We had some memorable moments…
When someone is taken from us, as Andre was, in the prime of his life, we are stuck with unanswered questions, inconsolable grief and even disbelief. I personally feel deprived and denied. I remember the last time we said goodbye in the parking lot of my Orlando Hotel  in May this year. Andre drove from St Augustine to support me at the ATD conference in Orlando. Tears were plentiful. This painful experience of Andre’s death cannot be altered and will remain with us, but it is in the knowing of where he is that we can celebrate.
We feel privileged to have been part of his journey and have many special memories to cherish. His loved ones will all be in our prayers from South Africa.

Love to all of Andrè's family and friends

Niël Steinmann

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