Compass Education Newsletter - Sept. 2014
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Dear Educators and Practitioners,

We are very excited to launch Compass Education's inaugural newsletter Compass Points! Compass Points is our monthly e-newsletter, all of which we hope to keep you updated on our latest news, upcoming events and our Community of Practice, and provide you with resources and information related to Compass Education and Sustainability.
Highlights of this edition:
  • Gathering Committed Educators to Advance Sustainability Education
  • Announcing the Successful Launch of Compass Education Level 1 and 2 Certification Courses for Educators
  • Compass Education Student Sustainability Leadership Initiative
  • What's new in our resources bank?
  • Other Resources of Interest (Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System by Donella Meadows)
Hope you enjoy reading our first newsletter. We welcome your feedback and also suggestions to help us improve in our future editions.

With best regards,
Compass Education Team
Gathering Committed Educators to Advance Sustainability Education    

Last school year Compass Education formally initiated its Steering Committee, comprised of a group of highly experienced and talented educators and administrators from across a variety of subject fields, grade levels and schools. The role of the Steering Committee is to nurture the development of this initiative through its growth year (2014) by assisting us with organisational management and governance, strategy development, networking and partnerships building, and product development. Compass Education’s Steering Committee includes: 
  1. Robert Steele, Director of Systainability Asia and Senior Associate of AtKisson Group;
  2. Tom McLean, High School Geography Teacher and Environmental Coordinator at International School Manila (ISM), Manila, Philippines;
  3. Teresa Tung, MYP and DP Teacher at NIST International School, Bangkok, Thailand;
  4. Lynda Rolph, President of Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning, Chiang Mai, Thailand;
  5. Mike Johnston, Middle School Principal of United World College South Each Asia (UWCSEA), Singapore;
  6. Kate O’Connell, Junior School Teacher at Prem Tinsulanonda International School (PTIS), Chiang Mai, Thailand;
  7. Rick Hannah, Teacher and Service Learning Coordinator at United World College South Each Asia (UWCSEA), Singapore;
  8. Lister Hannah, Former School Founder and President, and Senior Associate of AtKisson Group;
  9. David Collett, High School IT Integrator and Theory of Knowledge Teacher at International School Manila (ISM), Manila, Philippines;
  10. Gitanjali Paul, High School Social Studies Teacher and Environmental Coordinator at International School Manila (ISM), Manila, Philippines;
  11. Kath Lane, Primary School Teacher and Sustainability Leadership member at United World College South Each Asia (UWCSEA), Singapore.
This team of passionate educators all volunteer their time with us to promote Systems Thinking and Sustainability education as a tangible reality in schools and curricula across Asia – Pacific.

If you want to know more about Compass Education team check out our website here.
Announcing the Successful Launch of Compass Education Level 1 and 2 Certification Courses for Educators 

During the weekend of 6-7 September, Compass Education conducted its inaugural Compass Educator Level 1 and 2 training courses at International School of Manila (ISM), as part of the EARCOS Weekend Workshop series.  According to the feedback from the attendees that we have received, both courses were very well received and we look forward to improving on them. We will also soon offer the Level 3 course (Compass Leader), which prepares and certifies participants to be trainers of the Compass and Accelerator tools.
The Level 1 course (Compass Practitioner) is designed for teachers and program leaders who want to integrate Sustainability and Systems Thinking into their teaching practice using tools such as Sustainability Compass, Behaviour Over Time Graphs, Systems Iceberg and Causal Loop Diagramming. The inaugural Compass Education Level 1: Practitioner workshop was attended by twenty teachers from several regional schools, including International School Manila (ISM), United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA) and SJI International School, and was led by Ms. Teresa Tung from NIST International School, who has been using, adapting and innovating the Compass and Systems Thinking tools for PYP, MYP and DP application over the past four years.

The Level 2 course (Compass Educator) is designed for educators who have completed the Compass Education Level 1 course (or equivalent) with the aim of deepening their understanding of systems and sustainability theory so as to strengthen their teaching practice and roles as sustainability change agents through the incorporation and practice of systems thinking tools and methods. Level 2 course was attended by eight educators, and was facilitated by Robert Steele, who has been working with education, international organisations, private sector companies and communities to effectively use systems thinking for sustainability planning, assessment and teaching.

All participants in these two workshops came away with an in-depth and hands-on experience on the practical application of Compass and systems thinking for enhancing teaching and learning and enriching the curriculum. 

Full workshops report will be forthcoming in the next edition.
Compass Education Student Sustainability Leadership Initiative

Compass Education would like to welcome our very first Student Intern, Daniel Um who will be in charge of developing our Student Sustainability Leadership Programme. Daniel is a recent graduate of the International School of Manila (ISM), having graduated with honors and having been recognised through various awards for his leadership, scholastic achievements and social contributions in the Philippines. He has decided to take a ‘gap year’ before pursuing his undergraduate at Harvard University, and we are very lucky that he has decided to spend half of this year with us. Daniel will be working with us over the next six months to develop all aspects of Compass Education’s new Student Sustainability Leadership Programme.

Daniel is well versed in the Compass and other Sustainability Accelerator tools, as he was one of the initial team of students from ISM to learn about the AtKisson Tools back in 2011-2012 that were used at the GINManila 2012 Conference to develop the student sustainability action plans. He was also a member of the Sustainability Initiative Planning (SIP) team at ISM that initiated Compass-oriented discussions with stakeholders on how best to address our school’s mission statement pledge to “involve our community in sustaining and safeguarding our environment.”
What's new in our resources bank?

We are presently developing free resources for download, to assist classroom teachers and educators to integrate sustainability topics, concepts and principles into curriculum, as well as whole school management through Compass, Accelerator and Systems Thinking. Check out our Resources page on the website to see what we have to offer.

For those who are interested, you can also download a free working paper of Compass: A Tool for Whole-School Sustainability on our website. We will have a downloadable handbook on teaching climate change through systems thinking coming soon. 
Other Resources of Interest
Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System by Donella Meadow

Donella Meadows’ Leverage Points is a classic reference for those seeking to make change. As the story goes, Donella was at a conference on global trade when it occurred to her that the participants were going about everything the wrong way. “These nice, liberal folks” were trying to control growth with adjustments that were “way too puny!” She then marched up to a flip chart, turned over a clean page, and wrote a list that later evolved into the twelve leverage points. The list has proven influential to leaders around the world. To read this article and find out what Donella’s twelve leverage point for successful change, visit Solutions: for a sustainable and desirable future.

Visit and join our Compass Education Community of Practice! It is a communication platform for Compass Education's workshops, and also a place to discuss and share ideas, resources and experiences about Compass and Sustainability. 

Upcoming Workshops!

EARCOS Leadership Conference
Oct 31 - Nov 2, 2014

Our team (Mike Johnston, Robert Steele and Tom McLean) will present Compass Education workshops at the EARCOS Leadership Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia from October 31 through to November 2, 2014. If you are attending the conference, you are welcomed to check out one or both of our workshops:

Workshop 1: Systems Thinking to Improve Learning

Workshop 2: Sustainability Leadership - Change Schools, Change the World

For further information about the workshops visit here.
Organizations and Schools

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NIST International School

Auburn University Office of Sustainability

How Are You Using Compass?

Please let us know how you are using the Compass and Accelerator Tools in your classroom, in other areas of teaching and learning and in your school’s management and strategic planning as you integrate and incorporate sustainable development into education. 

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