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Issue #29: S&P Loves... 

The 14th of February isn't really a big deal in the Foong household (surely every day is V Day when you've been together over 12 years), however there seemed to be so much excitement surrounding this particular Valentine's Day (I blame a certain Mr C. Grey and his 50 shades) that we thought maybe just this once we should jump on the heartshaped bandwagon and dedicate this issue to all the things that we love here at Suit & Pie.

Below you will find a list of all of our favourite things - recent articles we have enjoyed, books we have been reading, events we want to go to and campaigns we have been following. We also have a few downtime suggestions (cos you'll be shattered after so much fun!). Find them all on twitter and add your own at #suitieloves.

Not forgetting the guys, Mr Smith also puts his suitie stamp of approval on some more manly recommendations and fills us in on his V Day shenanigans in his regular corner. 

If you enjoy this issue please do help us spread the #suitieloves word, get in touch with us on twitter and facebook and sign up (if you haven't already)! 
Happy reading!
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Eat my shorts!
Ok so now you may be picturing a little yellow 10 year old with four fingers, but what I meant to say was - here are our favourite shortreads from the last couple of weeks: 

"Madam CEO, Get Me a Coffee" - Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg
This great article (part of a series the New York Times is running on women and work) highlights the sad reality in workplaces around the world that 'women help more but benefit less from it' (be this by doing 'office housework', volunteering time for mentoring, planning team events etc) and what we can do to redress the balance.  

Robert Peston on Being Objectified
Really enjoyed this Evening Standard article by the BBC's Economics Editor @Peston where he describes the perils (but also some of the advantages) of being objectified on social media (yep, even his hair has its own twitter account) and how he actually gets off lightly compared to his female BBC counterparts (also read the excellent ELLE follow up).  

A Culturally Diverse Workforce Could be a Boon to your Business - Mariah Deleon
Mariah Deleon is the VP of people at Glassdoor, a US based recruitment company. I love this article because it is just a perfectly concise summary of the advantages of cultural diversity and how to foster it.
Video Gaga
Long Tall Sally 
Comedian Amy Poehler has launched some great initiatives recently (see Smart Girls at the Party). Her most recent is the #askhermore campaign to try and get the media at the Golden Globes to ask female attendees questions that go beyond fashion and beauty.

Buzzfeed went a step further at the Baftas turning the tables on stars like Eddie Redmayne and Michael Keaton by asking them who they were wearing on the red carpet. Check out the video to see Eddie's obliging twirl! 
As it turns out Long Tall Sally is in fact a very lovely tall ladies' clothing store (if you have ever met me you will understand why this may have escaped me) - what we meant to say was here are our favourite longreads:

100 Leading Ladies by Nancy Honey and Hattie Garlick

Beautiful photographic portraits and interviews with some of the most inspirational and influential senior women in Britain. Perfect as a gift.

What To Do When It's Your Turn by Seth Godin

This book is written in the perfect format for our time-pressed generation. Full of quotes and bold statements, it encourages you to face your fears and to take your turn - cos it's always your turn!
On the campaign trail...
There have been some great campaigns and initiatives launched recently targeted at women (and men) of all ages to encourage us to push ourselves outside our comfort zones. Here are our faves:

#thisgirlcan - Sport England
I absolutely love this campaign. Not only does it show real women exercising (in stark contrast to an Eric Prydz' aerobics video) but it also makes me feel like getting off my b*tt every time I see it. 

Names not numbers
Do you ever wish you could go to a conference not for work but because you wanted to meet really interesting and interested people who were experts in their fields and willing to share their knowledge with you over food, cinema outings and country walks? (Yes!!) Well Editorial Intelligence (the company founded by the very excellent Julia Hobsbawm) has made your wish come true. Find our more about dates and speakers here.

Beyond Me
If you have those moments where you think 'actually I really should be doing more for my local community/a specific charity/a great cause' then Beyond Me is for you. They are currently recruiting Founders for their new cohort so sign up to an upcoming event and (in the words of MJ) start making the world a better place. 
Socks & crumbs (or the bit at the bottom)
Heard it through the (corporate) grapevine...

The Work & Family Show - 20-22 February

This annual show sponsored by My Family Care is a great way to get inspired and get advice from the experts on how to make work + family work for you. Some of our awesome suitie contributors (Fiona Tatton, Ollie Black, Jenny Garrett and Vanessa Vallely) will also be speaking so do pop over and say hi!

Northern Power Women - 12th March

Women of the North assemble! Simone Roche has put together a full day of inspiring panels, workshops and speakers on gender and leadership. With 3 ministers attending and over half the tickets already gone, secure your place fast! 

Aspire to Lead Webcast - 27 February

As part of its PwC Women's Leadership Series, the accounting firm will be speaking with the authors of the Confidence Code and Eileen Naughton, MD of Google UK about confidence building and what they would do if they weren't afraid. Sign up and tune in.
This week's faves...

Food Glorious Food

So it isn't a surprise that we love food here at S&P (half of our name is food!). Here are some of our faves:

For brunch: Kopapa, The Modern Pantry, The Riding House Cafe (yet to try but want to - Cereal Killer Cafe)

For mains: Roka (always), Bo Drake (newly opened Korean street food), Flesh & Buns (new age Japanese), The Chiltern Firehouse (book ahead)  

Frankie says Relax

If retail therapy just won't do it, here are some of our preferred ways to get some R&R:

Escape to the incredible Spa at The Grove, catch up on the latest Lucy Mangan column in Stylist, get down with the kids on Dazed & Confused, browse the latest articles on digital magazine About Time, plan my next holiday on the New York Times' 36 Hours and if all else fails check out the funniest autocorrects of all time.
It's a man's world - maybe we aren't so different after all 
Mr Smith's Top 3
Things I really love right now...

1. Pancake Day

Vastly under appreciated day. I used to love this as a kid and still do. It was drilled into me as a child that you can only eat pancakes on this day, so there are normally a few build up issues! When else do you get to play with a squirty plastic Jif Lemon?

2. Being a leader Clash of Clans. Worryingly addictive computer game you can play on your phone involving building camps, marshalling troops and ransacking neighbours for gold and elixir. We have a clan of 30 consisting of 7 and 8 year olds (that's Junior Smiths and their mates from school) and assorted grown ups. The 'Clan Chat' is hilarious. Download teh app for instant credibility at the school gates!

3. Salt 'n' Vinegar Hula Hoops

Have they recently been reissued?? They seem to be everywhere after a 20 year absence. I am trying to limit myself to one pack a day and avoid putting them on my fingers before I eat them. Not easy. Apparently you can get them in packs of 48 - awesome!!
Mr Smith's Corner
I am focusing this week's corner on this morning's visit to Project Fit, a new start up fitness place in the City. I dare you to take the free class offer up, the strap line is 'You vs Your Body', you have been warned! 

Highlights: I have never really done any interval training so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was thinking 'beep test' and not looking forward to it! However it's more treadmill based with weight section intervals. It was also helpful there were only two people in the class, so it was like a free personal training session! Hurt like hell but recommended!

Lowlights: Watching my arms wobble uncontrollably during the weight section. Then still wobbling during the warm down stretches. I don't actually think my arm muscles have developed much since the age of 11... Also my dumbbells were lilac (are those ladybells?), which I don't think is a good sign for a grown man!

Lesson learnt: Whereas you will no doubt be encouraged to 'give it everything', my advice would be to keep a little in reserve as there are four flights of stairs to scale to get out back to street level. Nobody really wants to see you crawling up the stairs... 

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