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My brother Anthony Rapp performed beautifully at this year's #TonyAwards, with his longtime collaborator, Adam Pascal, with whom he had co-starred in the Broadway sensation, RENT, over 20 years ago.
His performance was certainly the highlight of the night since our brother Adam Rapp's Tony for The Sound Inside was not realized, and should have been. [Pleased at the very least that Mary-Louise Parker received a best actor Tony for her performance in it as she was, to quote the NYT, sublime. Adam's time will come, I have no doubt, even if it should have already.
Therefore, It seemed fitting to do a Q&A with Anthony in this week's #hacksthenewsletter on the joys and importance of being back on the Tony's stage now that #BroadwaysBack this Tony season.
Alyssa: How was it to perform live at the Tony's again in light of the pandemic lockdown?
Anthony: It was a pure and unfettered joy to be back on a Broadway stage. To do so with my friend Adam Pascal made it even better. I was deeply honored to be asked to be among such incredible, legendary artists.
AlyssaDo you and Adam Pascal always find something new in the music when you perform"What You Own?"
Anthony: I’m not sure we find something new, but we always bring it to life as fully as we can. One of the great pleasures of working with him is feeling how in sync we are and have always been. This song is in our bones, in our blood, and in our souls. 
AlyssaWhat are you most looking forward to seeing on Broadway upon reopening?
Anthony: I’m a huge Talking Heads and David Byrne fan, so I can’t wait to see his show American Utopia.

When not performing at the Tony's, you can see Anthony on Star Trek Discovery on CBS .
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