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Canaan Honey April News Brief

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Shop days for April
Tues 24
*Wed 25
Thurs 26
*Open from 12 noon
Shop days for May
Tues 29
Wed 30
Thurs 31
Bring your own containers for us to fill, or purchase off the shelf.

Dear <<First Name>>,

Welcome back again to our honey shop.
Remember, that Wed.25th April is ANZAC Day and our shop will be open from 12 mid-day.

To coincide with our shop days you and your family are invited to our special harvest celebration on ANZAC Day from 4pm. We will be harvesting our last box of honey from Michael's hive at 4.15pm. You will be able to safely see all this happen from our observation room and follow it through for the extraction process before enjoying a taste..

This will also be an opportunity to hear more about Michael's  hive share programme or alternatively, renting a hive from him for your own garden.

Check out our news items below:

John’s  Beekeeping Diary for April

Honey has more than just flavour!

“Wow! Look at that honey pouring out of the extractor”  Its colour is deeply golden like treacle, nothing like we normally expect from the same apiary, sited on rich dairy land in the Whangaehu Valley. This time its flavour is intense, rich and strong. Some savour it like this; others prefer a milder honey like clover. When honey is judged, there are other factors besides flavour and colour to consider.
Our beekeepers club held its annual honey competition this month and secrets of how to prepare and present honey were revealed:
  • Cleanliness- no specks on the surface – honey must be fine filtered.
  • Honey containers must be clean and clear- preferably glass
  • Granulated honey-to be fine grained and very smooth in texture.
  • Liquid honey-clear when held up to the light-with no sign of cloudiness or granulation
  • Moisture content less than 18% for best preservation
Our competition night was quite fun but a totally new and nervous experience for those presenting their honey for the first time. Our son Michael, and Natan (son-in-law) carried off prizes for wax, propolis, both liquid and granulated honey, and blemish free frames of honey.
In the senior section my entry of granulated honey won first prize with high praise from the judge.

We do our best to prepare and present this prizewinning honey to you.

The bees have done their best in what has been a difficult season for them and the flavour and colours are purely the result of what flowers they have found

John Brandon

Janice's Chat –

This month has continued to be busy with harvesting and preserving.

Although our own grape harvest was quite disappointing this year we were so grateful for a bountiful supply from friends. It's always a big job picking and processing the grapes, but so satisfying having shelves filled  and stored for our year's supply of delicious grape juice  sweetened with honey

Over the last few weeks we've been offered boxes of beautiful pears which we are really enjoying especially when baked with a honey sauce and walnuts!

 Baked Pears with Honey Sauce and Walnuts

  •  2 ripe pears
  •  Honey 1 rounded tablesp.
  •  Butter  1 rounded  tbsp
  •  Cinnamon 1/2 tsp
  •  Vanilla extract  1/2 tsp
  •  Orange peel (opt.) 1 -2 tsp. finely chopped
  •  Walnuts shelled or cashew nuts 1-2 tablesp. coarsely chopped
Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C
  •  In a small saucepan, combine the honey, butter, cinnamon, vanilla  and orange peel
  •  Warm the sauce over low heat, stirring until the butter is melted and ingredients are combined
  • Line a baking dish with baking paper
  • Cut the unpeeled pears in half lengthwise and cut a small slither off the underside of the pears to enable them to sit well on the lined dish
  • Using a teaspoon gently scoop out  the core and seeds
  • Place a few walnuts in the centre of each pear and spoon over a small amount of the honey sauce, reserving some of the sauce for later
  • Bake the pears for 30-35 minutes, until slightly soft and beginning to brown.
  • Remove from the oven and let sit for about 5-10 minutes before serving.
  • Spoon a small amount of the leftover sauce over the pears
  • Serve with a small dollop of crème fraiche or yoghurt and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.
  • Enjoy!

Honey Price List from 1st January 2018



  250g 500g    1kg    2kg 2.8kg 5.6kg
Clover $4.80 $8.50 $16 $31 $42.00 $80.50
Wildflower $5.00 $9.00 $17 $33 $44.50 $86.50
Wanganui City Gardens (liquid) $5.00 $9.00 $17 $33
Blue Borage (liquid) $6.30   $11.50 $22 $43
Native Bush $5.80 $10.50 $20 $39
Comb Honey    Not available until next season

Bring Your Own Container prices, per kg

Clover   $14  liquid or granulated
Wildflower   $15  granulated only
Wanganui City Gardens   $15  liquid only
Native Bush   $18  granulated only
Blue Borage   $20  liquid only

Manuka Honey

We have three different grades of Manuka honey based on their MGO laboratory test: Low, Medium and High.
  250g 500g    1kg   BYO Container
Low MGO: 183mg/kg $14  $26.50 $52    $50/kg
Medium MGO: 274mg/kg $25 $46.50 $92    pre-packed only
High MGO: 520mg/kg $36 $71.50 $142    pre-packed only

Help! What happens if I run out of honey before next shop days?

Just before you make your morning toast, give us a call on (06)345 5350 to arrange a pick-up of an extra pot or two from our shelf.

Sorry, in between shop days we are unable to fill your own containers.
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