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Canaan Honey February News Brief

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Shop days for February
Tues 20
Wed 21
Thurs 22
Shop days for March
Tues 27
Wed 28
Thurs 29
Bring your own containers for us to fill, or purchase off the shelf.

Dear <<First Name>>,

We do look forward to meeting so many of you again this month. Katie, our American student will be helping us on Tuesday and Thursday. She is with us for an internship placement from Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana. 

Interested in making your own Beeswax Wraps?
Workshops – Minimum 8 per session

  • Duration: 1 hour approx.
  • Cost: $10.00 per person
  • Registration: phone Janice 06 345 530 or email
  • Contact us if you are interested.

If you need urgent supplies, for yourselves or visitors, outside of our normal shop days, we are happy to help if possible!
Please phone first: (06) 345 5350

Check out our news items below:

John’s  Beekeeping Diary for February

Through the Eyes of a Beekeeper

honey tasting

At this time of the year, my eyes are more focused on flowers than on weather maps. It is the same for the bees. Their lives depend on an abundance of flowers for both nectar and pollen.
It's an amazing finish to our summer now that everything is so green and lush, and temperatures so warm. The flush of flower that came soon after the rains in early January has meant a much better finish for our crop, which we are now gathering in.

The flavours and aroma of newly extracted honey are always special, more so this year because the flowers are so different. There is less clover, but more of everything else the bees have found in their foraging. Their honey is deeper in colour and stronger in flavour. In fact, one apiary has both surprised and puzzled me. A laboratory test will confirm this, but my suspicion is that the bees have found some manuka. In years gone by, this Turakina Valley apiary has always yielded clover or wildflower honey. This year their honey is so different.

This proves that this summer which began as a drought (41 days without rain) has finished up with a flare. Our hives have responded well.

Sorry – you won’t be able to taste the new harvest until our March shop days when test results are back from the laboratory. It will be worth the wait!
John Brandon

Janice's Chat – Using Honey for Your Summer Garden Harvest

John and I have been amazed at the growth of our veggies this season. It’s such fun inspecting the eggplants, checking on the huge sweet banana pumpkins developing, and trying to keep up with the zucchini supply.

We’ve also had a wonderful crop of both red and brown onions, which will be useful in sauces and preserves.

It’s coming into that very busy time of the year when I feel a bit like a squirrel gathering and storing for the winter months.                    

How satisfying it is to wander around the garden, with a big wicker basket plucking cucumbers and bright red and yellow tomatoes from the vines, and bunches of fresh basil to make yet another batch of pesto.

I’m looking forward to preparing buckets of apple cider vinegar again this year. It’s so easy and really economical and is just a mix of apples, honey and water, and plenty of stirring.

Preserved cucumbers in honey brine are delicious as is beetroot as I shared last month.

Check out the various methods of preserving fruit and vegetables and remember honey makes the perfect sweetener every time! It’s obvious you will need to bring an extra pot to be filled this month!

~ Janice

Honey Price List from 1st January 2018



  250g 500g    1kg    2kg 2.8kg 5.6kg
Clover $4.80 $8.50 $16 $31 $42.00 $80.50
Wildflower $5.00 $9.00 $17 $33 $44.50 $86.50
Wanganui City Gardens (liquid) $5.00 $9.00 $17 $33
Blue Borage (liquid) $6.30   $11.50 $22 $43
Native Bush $5.80 $10.50 $20 $39
Comb Honey    Not available until next season

Bring Your Own Container prices, per kg

Clover   $14  liquid or granulated
Wildflower   $15  granulated only
Wanganui City Gardens   $15  liquid only
Native Bush   $18  granulated only
Blue Borage   $20  liquid only

Manuka Honey

We have three different grades of Manuka honey based on their MGO laboratory test: Low, Medium and High.
  250g 500g    1kg   BYO Container
Low MGO: 183mg/kg $14  $26.50 $52    $50/kg
Medium MGO: 274mg/kg $25 $46.50 $92    pre-packed only
High MGO: 520mg/kg $36 $71.50 $142    pre-packed only

Help! What happens if I run out of honey before next shop days?

Just before you make your morning toast, give us a call on (06)345 5350 to arrange a pick-up of an extra pot or two from our shelf.

Sorry, in between shop days we are unable to fill your own containers.
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ph 06 345 5350

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