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Canaan Honey July News Brief

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Shop days for July
Tues 24
 Wed 25
  Thurs 26

Shop days from 22nd  August
Wednesdays &

Bring your own containers for us to fill, or purchase off the shelf.

Dear <<First Name>>,

How do you like the idea of being able to come to our honey shop whenever your honey pot needs to be filled?
You have been so loyal and patient in waiting a whole month for your honey fill-ups, even when you have had to go short for a week or so.

Thank you so much!
When this month closes with its usual 3 shop days (24-26 July) we are making some changes to give you more options:

New Shop days from 22nd August.
Wednesdays & Thursdays every week.

Check out our news items below:

John’s Beekeeping Diary for July – the Wonders of Wax

Cleverly Crafted Beeswax by a Swarm in a Wine Barrel

Over these school holidays Janice and I have taken great delight in sharing with dozens of children and adults about the wonders of beeswax as part of their candle-making experience with us.

Scale by scale… Beeswax oozes as a clear liquid from 4 pairs of wax glands on the underside of a bee, a 12 hour process from start to finish. As soon as this liquid is exposed to the air, it sets into 8 very tiny scales.

Just pause and ponder:

1 young bee takes 12 hours to form and fashion just 8 tiny scales of wax, and 1000 scales are needed to make just 1 gram of beeswax!

These scales are the building blocks for honeycomb which is necessary for brood rearing and storage of honey. There is no shortage of work for the youngest of bees as wax builders. They are an essential part of a successful hive.

Wax comes at a high cost. It is extravagant in terms of the energy needed for its formation. Bees consume large amounts of honey to give themselves the energy for wax production. 9kg of honey is consumed by the bees to make only 1kg of wax (see photo).

We can retrieve some of this wax, as a by-product when we harvest the honey crop.

~John Brandon

Keen Candle Crafters by the Score!

What began as a thought of mine a few weeks ago quickly exceeded my dreams. Over 200 children excitedly and carefully crafted their beeswax candles at our Canaan Honey Learning Centre.

Initially we planned only 4 sessions over the school holidays. This was not to be. We were totally overwhelmed by the response from advertising with River City Press and Facebook. It would have been great to have had a full time secretary to help me field the constant phone calls and emails! In the end we have had 13 highly successful and totally enjoyable sessions.

Some have said we were the ‘talk of the town’!

Candle making has proved to be an ideal holiday activity. Grandparents, parents, and children, including a number from out of town, were amazed at the simplicity and beauty of the craft.

For some parents, memories returned of their own candle making days with us, over 25 years ago. Their candles have remained as unlit treasures until now.

Janice ~ on behalf of the thousands of bees that have carefully crafted scores of tiny wax scales in the first place!

Some Price Changes in our Shop

We have had to amend our shelf honey prices because of the extra cost of packaging. The only change in our bulk honey price is for Clover now $15.00/kg when you bring your own containers.

As always it is much more reasonable when you bring your own containers to be filled!

Honey Price List from 1st May 2018



  250g 500g    1kg    2kg 5.6kg
Clover $5.50 $9.50 $18 $34 $88.00
Wildflower $5.50 $9.50 $18 $34 $88.00
Wanganui City Gardens (liquid) $5.50 $9.50 $18 $34    –
Blue Borage (liquid) $6.50 $12.00 $23 $44    –
Native Bush $6.20 $11.00 $21 $40    –
Comb Honey     Sorry, not available

Bring Your Own Container prices, per kg

Clover   $15  liquid or granulated
Wildflower   $15  granulated only
Wanganui City Gardens   $15  liquid only
Native Bush   $18  granulated only
Blue Borage   $20  liquid only

Manuka Honey

We have three different grades of Manuka honey based on their MGO laboratory test: Low, Medium and High.
  250g 500g    1kg   
Low MGO: 80+ mg/kg $14  $26.50 $52   pre-packed only
Medium MGO: 274mg/kg $25 $46.50 $92    pre-packed only
High MGO: 520mg/kg $36 $71.50 $142    pre-packed only

Help! What happens if I run out of honey before next shop days?

Just before you make your morning toast, give us a call on (06)345 5350 to arrange a pick-up of an extra pot or two from our shelf.

Sorry, in between shop days we are unable to fill your own containers.
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ph 06 345 5350

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