Tournament Season, Meet front desk staff, and more!
March, 2015--Volume 12, Issue 1
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Mark Your Calendar

March 21
Gumdo Seminar 

March 24
Personal Self Defense 7pm

March 26
Adult Sparring 8PM

March 27
Children's Sparring 4PM

March 28
USAT State Tournament

March 30
Level change pre-test/Meeting

March 31
Stick Fighting Seminar 7PM

April 3
CLOSED for Good Friday
No Classes

April 9
Meditation Class 6 PM

April 10
OMAC Senior Class 6:30 PM

April 17 
CTC Belt Promotion

April 20-24
Tiger Promotion Week

April 24-26
OMAC Spring Camp

April 27- May 1
Tiger Term 3 begins

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Thank you to students, parents, and volunteers for making the 22nd annual CTC school tournament a big success! View and purchase more photos at

Make Plans for Summer at CTC!

Before youknow it, summer will be here and school will be out.  As you make your plans, remember that regular training at CTC continues through the summer months with classes in all programs, including a  Little Tiger session.  

In addition to regular classes, we offer kids Summer Day Camp and free special events for everyone. Week-long day camps make summer fun and active! Kids stay cool in the air-conditioned training hall from 9 to noon, Monday through Friday, while they make new friends and build martial arts skills. Tiger Camps for children 4-6 and Kids Camps for children 7-12 are open to both non-CTC students and CTC regulars. No experience necessary. This year why not share the fun of martial arts with friends and siblings?
Click for 2015 Camp Dates and Registration information

It's Tournament Season!

If you've enjoyed the school tournament, take your competition to the next level, and plan to compete in a state or local tournament. Outside tournaments give students a chance to meet and compete with people who train at other schools. Beginners, you don't have to wait until outside competition is a part of your training requirement in level 3; you, too, can join the fun of tournament competition.  

Talk with your instructor and register for one of these Spring 2015 tournaments in Ohio:

March 28  Ohio Taekwondo Association USAT State Championship Medina, Ohio

April 25:  Ahn Classic Mason, Ohio. This is a large school-based tournament that's fun and close to home.

May 23: Battle of Columbus  Columbus, Ohio This is a major event for OMAC, marking its 40th year!

Meet Two Members of Our Front Desk Staff
Our Featured Students for March 

Leslie Shull began training in Kimoodo so she could get in shape to join her children Michael and Anne in Taekwondo. Earning a navy belt in Kimoodo helped her develop the strength, flexibiity, and endurance to achieve her goal, and in February she earned her yellow belt in Taekwondo. In addition to being a TKD mom, and an active student in two programs, Leslie manages the front deskon Saturdays.

Jason Weigand is a recent addition to our friendly front desk staff. He is also a student in both the Taekwondo and Hapkido programs. He recently promoted to brown belt in Taekwondo and is a navy belt in Hapkido. He began both programs at the same time, but was able to move ahead in Hapkido by training at OMAC camps. He also assists with our popular self-defense workshops. Jason combines quiet strength with a great sense of humor.

Words from Mr. Korchak
Theme of Term 2: Courtesy and Respect

I have been thinking and talking about time lately.  Time is the only 
resource in our lives that we can never get more of.  Every minute of our lives is one we can never get back. 

How does time relate to courtesy and respect? When we recognize the value of our own time, we can also see the value of other people's 
time. When we make choices about time, we may not only be choosing to use our own resources, but the time resources of others. This is easy to see when someone delays the start of a class by being the last to find a place in line. But there may be other times when we steal the time resources of others without being aware of it. For example, we might begin a conversation about something unimportant while someone else is trying to train or study. By becoming more aware of time, we can begin to respect the time of others, and we can be grateful for the time they choose to offer us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Paul Korchak
6th Dan, President, 
Cincinnati Taekwondo Center