On the first of June, I traveled to Nepal and as I only could take little time off work, I only managed to stay in Nepal for eight days. It was just after a month after the first big earth quake had hit Nepal this year.
It took a little bit of organising, however with the help of participants who attended workshops organised in Nepal in previous years, I delivered two workshops in post trauma support in a solution focused approach. Included were a solution focused approach supervision model and a presentation of a wellbeing plan for health- and social work professionals, care-givers, students and volunteers. Both workshops were delivered in Lazimpat. Both workshops were attended by an average of 20 participants on both days. One participant came all the way from Pokhara, and stated to already use the solution focused approach with clients in his work and was very pleased to learn the technique in solution focused supervision. The second day of the workshops Prof. Shishir Subba and Mrs Usha Subba attended the workshop. Prof. Shishir Subba stated the fundamental importance of supervision and of looking after one’s own wellbeing, especially when one works in the caring profession. The workshops participants engaged all positively and enthusiastically during both workshops. Role play scenarios were practiced where participants could apply possible scenarios they could come across in their workplace and in the outreach programs.
Feedbacks of the workshops were 100% positive and because of this outcome, a resource centre for solution practice has been established in ‘Mandala Spa and Training Centre’, Lazimpat, Nepal. Participants will have an opportunity to meet regularly and practice solution focused approach interventions and facilitate supervision sessions with other practitioners. To maintain communication and to share published papers and other relevant solution focused approach literature, I have created a Facebook group for Solution Focused Practice in Nepal and there soon will be an online solution focused practice in Nepal resource centre, which is being created and will be hosted by Sujen Maharjan, clinical psychologist. I feel satisfied with the outcome of introducing the solution focused approach in Nepal and it has become known to me that more and more people are already getting familiar with the solution focused approach and are applying it in their work.
This year, I also offered solution focused approach counselling when I was in Nepal and again offered Reiki training and trained trainers in the Reiki practice as I find that numerous social- and health professionals work in a holistic approach.
I raised money last year, which helped to pay some of my flight and again I offered all workshops for free.
This year’s donations for Nepal have been donated to people I already have worked with in the past or whom I got to know this time. A friend was raising money to be able to built shelter homes and with the help of the money donated; more shelter homes are now being built in the areas where the earthquakes has hit the hardest. Other money was donated to hospitals, mental health homes and to people directly who had lost their homes and had lost their jobs and have no income.  There is still some money due to come in which will be donated to as this organisation also supports people who suffer from PTSD and depression, which is very needed in Nepal as there is very little mental health support.
On the last day of my visit in Nepal, I was able to record a relaxation/ chanting CD with a few amazing Nepalese musicians. This CD, when it is ready to be sold, hopefully will support rebuilding people’s life in Nepal too. This CD would be ideal to play for meditation sessions or in therapy settings. As soon as the CD  is released I will send out an email with more details about this.
I will also explore what charities still need money and will share this in the next newsletter, just in case you would like to donate to projects that need support and where the money will go directly to the project itself.
Thanks everyone who donated so kindly and generously. Please know that your money has made a difference and feel humbled that you choose to let me take it to Nepal for you. Like I mentioned before, it made me appreciate living in Scotland so much as what I witnessed in Nepal was heartbreaking. My heart goes out to the people who are still suffering of the consequences of the earthquakes and aftershocks and who will have to endure the Monsoon rains that most likely will cause even more destruction to the country. The earthquakes have caused many years of a struggle to overcome. However, my sincere appreciation and thanks for everyone who looked so well after me during my stay in Nepal and who made it possible to deliver the workshops in such a short period of time.
The sincerity and resilience of the Nepalese people has forever left an imprint in my mind and wish them every success in rebuilding their beautiful country.
Since I have been back from Nepal, I have been really enjoying working at the ‘Space at the Creamery’, Craigmyle, Torphins. Business is back as per usual since a few weeks now and I have planned some fun projects for the next few months.
If you would like to participate with some of these, please email or phone me to book a place.

E-mail: or
Mobile: 07766710259
Meditation and Yoga have scientifically proven to help with stress reduction, increase concentration levels, improve sleeping patterns, and create feelings of peacefulness and happiness. If you have never tried them, this might be the right time to start for you.

Have a look at the events created so far:
Yoga poses and Meditation for Kids
with Claudia van Zuiden

Monday 3rd August 2015 10 -11 am
At the Space at the Creamery, Craigmyle, Torphins
Cost: £7.50 per child
Age: 7-12 years

Booking essential


Gentle Yoga
with Claudia van Zuiden

At The Space at the Creamery,Craigmyle, Torphins

Thursday evenings.
Start: 13.08.2015
4 weeks course 7.30-8.30 pm

For Beginners and Advanced practitioners

Cost: £35 pp
Booking essential.

Facebook event page:
Five Tibetan Yogas
with Claudia van Zuiden

At: The Space at the Creamery, Torphins, Aberdeenshire.

Friday morning sessions 9am-10 am
Start: 14.08.2015 for 4 weeks.

This will be a class of gentle
yoga for both beginners
and advanced practitioners.

Cost: £35 pp
Booking essential

Facebook event page:

Mindfulness Approach Meditation
Meditation Courses, with Claudia van Zuiden.

Claudia has over 30 years experience in Meditation and teaches both Hatha and 5 Tibetan Yogas.

Thursday Evenings Time: 6.30-7.30 pm at the Space at the Creamery, Craigmyle, Torphins

Duration: 4 Weeks Starts: 13.08.2015 ends 03.09.2015

This course is for those wishing to learn how to meditate or for those who already meditate and wish to go deeper in their practice.

Course fee: £35 pp
Booking essential.

Facebook event page:
This event is fully booked.

A Wellness Package for YOU only:

Would you like to feel better physically, be able to focus mentally and have more emotional strength and resilience?

Then this package might be for you:

- Learn a mindfulness based meditation technique for your daily practice
- Learn 5 Easy to learn Yoga Poses that can transform your Life
- Receive a Reiki Treatment
- Get a Life Coaching Session

Price: £ 85 per person.

This will be a half day package( 4 hours) where besides being supported and learn ancient simple techniques, you will be also able to practice these. By practicing and becoming more skilled and familiar in applying these techniques many people have found that their emotional and mental well-being has improved much as well as improvements in self understanding, sleeping patterns, relationships and how they view their world and participate in it.

This half day will be held at the Space at the Creamery, Craigmyle Torphins. This place is set in beautiful surroundings in the North East of Scotland and has a most soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Please get in contact if you want this to happen in your life right now.
I look forward to working with you.

It can get better, much better!

Have you been made REDUNDANT recently?

Try not to despair; there it is most likely something much better waiting for you out there in the world. Have you somehow always felt that this was the case already in your life?

You see, my style of coaching sessions might help you to get closer to finding the job and the life style that you really want in your life.

I really do apply all the following skills to my own life and can only say that, by my own experience, they work for me. What didn’t work for me, I stopped doing and I did more of what DID work for ME!
I will always have to rake responsibility for my own LIFE and I will have to do the work myself to be able to make it ALL happen.

Don’t take my word for it. Ask around if you know of people who have worked with me.
Some of you, who have worked with me, feel free to share what difference that made to YOUR life by sharing it here on FB, Twitter, Linkedin, or with friends and family. I’d really appreciate it if you can. It works better if you say how it helped you, rather than I say it. Why? Because it makes me feel sad to see how many people are not happy in their jobs, lives etc. Especially when I know there is a possible positive change out there for everyone.

It is SIMPLE, not EASY. How?

By living your life in a healthy way, which would include:

•Having a coaching program (which could only be one session if you want it to be), where you will explore your strengths and skills that will support you to take the first steps to your preferred future, dream and/or goal.

•Learning certain yoga poses that help you to create a healthier body and mind.

•Knowing how to apply certain mindfulness approach exercises to stay focused and present in your daily life.

•Knowing how to relax the mind and the body to recharge yourself.

I don’t pretend to know much; however this "Wellness Lifestyle" I do know can work. If you want me to share what I know about it with YOU then please get in touch and we can start working TOGETHER(E).

Don’t wait too long, Life is precious and so are YOU!

To YOUR Success!
Claudia van Zuiden,

To prevent disappointment, booking is essential for ALL events:
By email:  or
Mobile: 07766710259

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