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Family and Friends Newsletter
                        November 2015

 A message of gratitude from Janice

Janice mentoring students from Irvington High school, Fremont. 
As we start the holiday season, I want to share what I am grateful for. I am grateful for my family and friends and colleagues, including our EDRC donors. I am also grateful for the many students who volunteer for EDRC and participate in our Every Body's Beautiful Essay Contest. Each year I have the honor of mentoring local high school students to guide them in fulfilling their commitments to volunteerism. This year's Irvington High School students (Left to Right) Michelle Chin, Temmy Leung, April Jin and Niki Liao are focusing their research project on helping raise awareness about eating disorders. 
"I chose eating disorders for my research project because people are not well educated in this topic and because I want to major in nutritional science in college" Temmy Leung

"To me, things like confidence, high self-esteem, self-respect, intelligence, determination, perseverance, self approval are the most beautiful things in the world."
Rose Yan

These bright, caring and ambitious students epitomize a world where their abilities matter more than their appearance; and one where their energies will go toward bettering our world rather than aspiring to look like unrealistic and unhealthy fashion models.

I just finished reading one of my favorite authors: David Brook's Road to Character. What struck me profoundly was his interesting comparison of resume virtues versus eulogy virtues. Resume virtues are the accomplishments and skills we put on our resumes; eulogy virtues are the characteristics that are at the core of our being and for which we want to be remembered. What will your eulogy include? What will your legacy be?

I have always loved Winston Churchill's We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. And the importance of giving back.

This time of year my financial planner, John McKee, reminds me to update the beneficiaries of my IRA, 401(K), and annuities. Even designating 1% will be appreciated by the non-profit while still providing for your loved ones. John has pointed out that designating non-profits as the beneficiaries of retirement plans makes a great deal of sense. Retirement funds have yet to be taxed, and will be fully taxable to beneficiaries. That is, unless the beneficiary is a non-profit. Non-profits have 501c3 tax exempt and do not have a pay these deferred federal and state taxes.

By remembering EDRC or other favorite non-profit in your will and trust, you will leave a legacy that will endure.

On behalf of our volunteers and for those struggling with an eating disorder I thank you for your investment in our work: giving those struggling with eating disorders and their families hope. 

I wish you blessings, good health and good times with your family and friends and all the best in 2016.

P.S. Please save the date April 30 when we will celebrate you and EDRC's ten years of service; and check out our new website designed by our wonderful volunteer, Khyati Mehta. You can contact her at

The EDRC team wishes you Happy Holidays!

Thank You Whole Foods!

Help raise funds for EDRC by shopping at Whole Foods Los Gatos for your holiday needs. When you bring your own shopping bag, you can choose to donate your Nickel to EDRC through January 17, 2016Whole Foods Market is the perfect spot to get your holiday gifts and gift cards.Click HERE to see their holiday collection. 


Grateful Clients

"A sincere 'thank you' again for your assistance and support regarding my daughter. Because of your advice, she is know engaged in regular Skype meetings [for support] and already it seems as if these meetings are having a positive effect." 

"I first talked to someone in Behavioral Health there and the fact that I was able to quote the results of the search you helped with, contributed to my ability to make the case.  He said that it was more thorough than the usual request."

 Volunteer Spotlight   


Laurie DeVito  is recently began volunteering with EDRC in September after relocating to the Silicon Valley from Arizona with her husband and six year old daughter. In January she is applying to a Master's Program for Dietetics and would like to work directly with clients struggling with eating disorders in the future. She will be taking over EDRC's annual Every-Body is Beautiful Essay Contest as well as working on the insurance end of matching clients with eligible providers.

"As a former dancer and someone who struggled with disordered eating, I am so thankful to have come across an organization like EDRC. Support, education, and awareness are lacking across the country and it is places like EDRC that will change the outcome for so many that are suffering. When I struggled with food, I was fortunate enough to have so many people that supported me in my recovery. I feel as though volunteering with EDRC is my way of giving back to the community."

In the News:

People with "Diabulimia" manipulate their insulin to lose weight, often with dangerous consequences.

A new study suggest that anorexia may be a habit, not willpower.

Dad sings anti-bullying song to daughter.

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Support the Anna Westin Act

The enactment of the Anna Westin Act will improve care for eating disorders by providing training for physicians, health professionals, school personnel, and the public. As well as treatment coverage by clarifying the Mental Health Parity Bill that was passed in 2008.

The House version of the bill also addresses '
truth in advertising'  by asking the FTC to conduct a study on the impact of using digitally altered photographs in advertisements.

This is something simple YOU can do from home that will add the momentum behind passing this bill. Just pick up the phone TODAY, and ask your senators and congress people to support this bill!

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