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Family and Friends Newsletter
                        July 2015

Tribute to Women and Industry (TWIN) Award!

On May 5, The YWCA Silicon Valley honored our EDRC board chair, Denise Johnson with its prestigious Tribute to Women and Industry (TWIN) award for her outstanding leadership and achievements.

Denise Johnson, nominated by Senior VP and Area Manager Irene Chavez at 2015.


For our “Every Body's Beautiful” essay contest this year, we had a record breaking 215 entries from 54 middle and high schools in Silicon Valley. 

Our volunteer, Nathaly Alcalá, represented the EDRC and awarded each student their checks at their school among their peers. We took this time to inform students about eating disorders and body image issues. Videos of first place winners produced by Frank Medina and prospect high school students; and Nathaly Alcalá were shown to the students. 

1st place, Lawson Middle School, Cupertino, Claire.

2nd place, Milpitas Christian School, Darryllyn.

3rd place, KIPP San Jose Collegiate, Aarti.

1st place, Branham High School, Katherine.

2nd place, Evergreen Valley High School, Michelle.

3rd place, KIPP San Jose Collegiate, Thu.

Videos of the first place winners: 

Claire: First place winner from Middle School. Click to watch her Video & Interview
Katherine: First place winner from High School. Click to watch her Video & Interview
A special thank you to our sponsors:

Santa Clara County Library District, Kaiser Permanente and the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Sutter Health for contributing to the great success of this year’s event.


Welcome EDRC newest board members!

Emily Caruthers is a marital and family therapist and registered art therapist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. She 
have a breath of clinical experience in a variety of treatment settings both in the Los Angeles area and in Northern California.  Currently she as a private practice in Menlo Park CA and is the founder of the Mid-Peninsula Eating Disorder Clinic, an out-patient clinic in Menlo Park.
"I passionately believe in the mission of EDRC and want to support this organization in furthering its goals." -Emily Caruthers

Karen Wolf, is a registered nurse who has been employed at Good Samaritan Hospital since July1974.  Since 1995 she has been working in The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center.

"As a cardiac rehab nurse, I have seen first hand how devastating this illness can be. Therefore, I feel that my purpose in life is helping others and I am pleased to bring this spirit to EDRC. I also have enjoyed being a judge for the Annual Essay Contest." -Karen Wolf.

Volunteer Spotlight   

Amber Lee is a freshmen attending Lynbrook High School in Saratoga. She is involved heavily in her debate team and is interested in social justice. Amber is fulfilling the administrative assistant position as well as an array other logistical jobs.

"I chose to volunteer at EDRC because it serves a cause that matters to me. I look forward to working with Project Heal to compile a report of clients who have been denied insurance coverage for eating disorder treatment." - Amber Lee.

 Nathaly Alcalá is a journalist who graduated from Cal State Northridge with a major on broadcast journalism and a minor in Spanish-language journalism. She was bornand raised in Venezuela. Nathaly, is currently a news reporter at the Spanish-language Television Network Estrella TV. She loves helping others and cares for topics on human rights, animals, health and children. 

"I decided to volunteer at the EDRC because I struggled with an eating disorder for 4 years. I want to help others who are passing through an eating disorder, and I also want to spread the word, because not many people knows about this illness, and I know how difficult it is. I want to tell everyone who is passing through this that you have help, and that this illness actually has a cure; I recovered from it, and now I live free from Anorexia" - Nathaly Alcalá.

In the News:

The Missouri General Assembly has passed a legislation which, if signed by Governor Nixon, will require health benefit plans to cover the diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders in the state. 

According to a new study, children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder have an increased risk of a certain type of eating disorder.
A French plan to ban skinny women from the catwalk ignores the fact that anorexia is an illness.

#1 You can't tell by looking at someone whether they have an eating disorder.

#2 Families are not to blame.

#3 Families can be the patients' best allies in treatment.

#4 Eating disorders are not choices, but serious biologically-influenced mental illnesses.

#5 Eating disorders affect people of all genders, ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, weight and body size.

#6 Eating disorders carry an increased risk for both suicide and physical/medical complications.

#7 Genes play a role in eating disorders, but environment also influences their development.

#8 Genes are not destiny when it comes to eating disorders.

#9 Full recovery from an eating disorder is possible.

Produced in collaboration with DR. Cynthia Bulik, PhD, Professor of Eating disorders in the School of Medicine in the University of North Carolina.
Copyright © 2014 Eating Disorders Resource Center, All rights reserved.
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