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The Award is of 2500 € and goes to the best pitch presentation, selected by our jury, that have watched all pitches to be able to finally name the winner of their choice. 

In 2020 we were thrilled to be able to expand with pre-pitch training for the officially selected producers in the Pitch Sections. In 2021 we offered this service for the Pitching Teams, as it is a unique possibility for strengthening their presentation skills, which in the end can “make or break” a successful outcome of attending the Forum. This M:brane initiative will continuously be a leverage of kids and youth content and status. As a visible recognition of the fruitful outcome of elevated and sharpened pitching technique’s, we are thrilled to announce:

Winner of the M:brane Best Pitch Award 2021

For the second time: Pitch Award in collaboration with Creative Europe

Congratulations to


Producer Valérie Montmartin and Director Sarah Van Den Boom
For outstanding presentation of the project Seraphine!

Jury Motivation
The jury was blown away by the amazing visuals and a clear and consistent presentation. We loved the way in which the structure of the pitch kept on surprising us, and went from 

being about a 12 year old fatherless girl into including the reality of French history of the Paris Commune - thus turning the pitch itself into a dramatic narrative backed up by exquisite visual material. 

It is our honor to award Producer Valérie Montmartin and Director Sarah Van Den Boom, LITTLE BIG STORY, France for the presentation of Seraphine with the Best Pitch Award at M:brane 2021.  

We received this statement, from Producer Valérie Montmartin, when we reached her in France, late Thursday Evening:

“This award for best pitch goes straight to the heart of Sarah and me! 

Indeed, Seraphine is still a feature film in development and we are so happy that the presentation and the ambition of the project convinced you. 

We believe very strongly in this film - a first feature- and especially, the best award pitch will give a very strong impulse to Sarah, who is one of the most talented directors of her generation!

Thanks again to the jury and to the whole team of M:brane.

I obviously associate this prize to our screenwriter and author, the wonderful French writer Marie Desplechin!”

Warmest !!!!


The Award was instilled last year to further encourage producers of kids- and youth content to start and continue their important work within the M:brane network, to produce relevant, edgy, content, that is in the forefront of new technology as well as of innovative storytelling, which is further propelled by excellent artistic grip and form. As such we aim to drive "Business for Arts Sake" and further honor "Smart Content for Savvy Young Audiences."

We thank you the Jury for their meticulous work in helping M:brane lift this task:

  • Nicholas Sando, Producer, Filmbin, Norway

  • Mette-Ann Schepelern, CEO, Magma Film & TV, Denmark

  • Peter Hiltunen, Managing Director, Kulturakademin, Sweden

Pitching is an Artform and requires skills and lots of training! 

Noble Art of Pitching returned in 2021

Producer Thomas Borch Nielsen, Nice Ninja, DK has again delivered a crash course in how to pitch a project for M:brane’s selected Producers.

You can have the best idea in the world for a movie or a TV-series, but it really doesn’t matter if nobody is interested in reading your script or taking a meeting.

Pitching is a great tool to get others interested in an idea or a project. That is actually the whole idea behind presenting at M:brane in Malmö. When you are on the stage at M:brane you will have five minutes, 300 seconds to present your project in front of Decision Makers and potential co-producers.

Thomas Borch Nielsen is a triple winner of The Financing Forum’s “Best Pitch”.

He has wide experience as a film director and producer. His debut was the science fiction film “Webmaster” (1998), followed by the children’s adventure film “Jewel of the Desert” (2001) and the animated feature film, “Sunshine Barry & The Disco Worms” (2008), which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival and was sold to 78 countries. “Captain Bimse” (2019) is Thomas Borch Nielsen’s fourth feature film.

And then of course the memorable pitch successes at the Forum, where Thomas has Pitched five times:

  • Feature animation Marco Macaco
  • "The Snowflakes" pitched as a feature film in 2012 (winning South Post Award for Best Pitch as well as the Audience Award).
  • The Snowflakes, the year after pitched developed into a trans-media project, and won the Kids Jury’s Award for Best Pitch.
  • In 2015 Borch Nielsen pitched the feature animation "Little Allan - The Human Antenna" and
  • The animated comedy series & trans-media project Apple Hills in 2019
Winner of Kids Kino Industry Exchange Award:

Kids Kino Industry invites Game of Minds
Produced by Liisa Karpo and Marianne Mäkelä from M:brane 2021!

”We've chosen the project which is visually refined and impressively insightful, emphatic, educational and touches the relevant topic not only for teens, but also their relatives."

The project reveals the demands of the entertainment industry of e-sport and offers solutions of how to manage pressure, self-esteem and identity doubts on the way up to become a professional e-sport superstar. We were impressed by the way of how the creators presented this topic which we think is something new. 

The additional advantage for us was the way creators chose the format with the wide range of options which will help reach the special target audience. That's why we are happy to announce that the Kids Kino Industry award goes to Finnish series Game of Minds directed by Petri Luukkainen and Jesse Jokinen, produced by Liisa Karpo and Marianne Mäkelä.”

We strongly believe that these kinds of stories should be made and we are honoured to present it during the upcoming Kids Kino Industry forum in September. The project is preselected to the official pitching during 2021 KKI (28.09-1.10), as well as awarded with full accreditation, access to all sessions and events, and to special matchmaking with DM invited to KKI 2021."

The award was given by Maciej Jakubczyk, the Head of the Education Department of the New Horizons Association, Katarzyna Janiak, Project Manager of Kids Kino Industry and Viola Gabrielli, Head of Programme of Kids Kino Industry.


The chosen project will be presented at the KKI forum. The creators of the project: Game of Minds by Petri Luukkainen, Jesse Jokinen, Liisa Karpo and Marianne Mäkelä is given accreditation which includes: full access to all events held during the KKI, opportunity to meet with invited Decision Makers, as well as free accommodation.

Producer Liisa Karpo says: 

We are very excited by the award and delighted to learn that our story about esports and gaming youth important to wider audience. We strongly feel for the young gamers and the pressure they have in the gaming world. But we sincerely also believe in the possibilities it presents to the youth giving and teaching skills, which are useful in and outside the online games. We take this award with pride and promise to continue the production with full speed, heart and rock'n'roll.



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