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OptoDesigner 5 Adds Design Support for High Density Optical I/O and PIC Packaging

In an effort to simplify photonic integrated circuit (PIC) input/output (I/O) and packaging, Chiral Photonics, in collaboration with PhoeniX Software, is pleased to announce design support within PhoeniX Software's OptoDesigner 5 for Chiral Photonics’ optical couplers and packaging services.
Chiral Photonics offers its pitch reducing optical fiber arrays, PROFAs, which enable the highest density optical I/Os for both edge and face coupling to photonic ICs. Chiral Photonics also offers packaging services for implementing these ultra-dense optical I/Os within both development and production packages.
Now photonic IC designers can use Chiral Photonics templates within the latest release of OptoDesigner 5. These templates are available for adding optical fiber coupling to InP chips from Oclaro, FhG/HHI and SMART Photonics and to silicon photonics chips from IMEC and CEA-Leti.
About OptoDesigner 5: OptoDesigner 5 is the definitive platform for design, simulation and mask layout for integrated optics and photonics. The modular approach offers the advantage of a tailor-made or user defined software package with unmatched flexibility to meet every individual's specific needs. PhoeniX Software's OptoDesigner puts the designer in the driver seat!
OptoDesigner 5 brings together, in one extremely powerful and versatile combination, all the features previously available within the various versions of FieldDesigner, MaskEngineer, FlowDesigner and OptoDesigner. The launch of OptoDesigner 5 is an invitation to experience a new modular infrastructure, multi-faceted Graphical User Interface, advanced Scripting capabilities and much more.
In the last two years, more than 250 designs have been created for Multi Project Wafer runs with OptoDesigner and design kits for TriPleX, InP and silicon photonics
Exemplary packaging and coupling (from top left, clockwise):
  • Development package with 2-port, PM fiber couplers to 220 x 200 nm Si waveguide [work with OpSIS]
  • Single-port coupling, 2-channel, PM coupling to 2 μm MFD, InP coherent receiver [work with Alcatel-Lucent]
  • Single-port coupling, 10-channel (linear array), PM coupling to 2 μm MFD, [work with IBM]
  • Butterfly package with single-port, PM coupler to 2 μm MFD, Si waveguide, FTNIR Spectrometer [work with Luxmux Technology]
  • Single-port face coupling, 37-channel to 10 μm MFD vertical grating couplers [work with IMEC



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