Issue #22

The New Community Mezzanine


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The New Community Mezzanine initiative takes form...

With ten participants taking part in this week's meeting, the community mezzanine repository has finally kicked off! Don't get me wrong, there is still much work to be done, many contribution to be had, and even more to be learned throughout the process... So far, many thanks are due.

A big thanks to the following folks:
  • Michael Welling, who is currently maintaining the repository and offering his hardware expertise to the 96Boards community.
  • Rafael Christ and Gustavo Retuci Pinheiro, who contributed the first Altium based board and template!
  • Previous contributors to the kicad template (Grant Likely and Sophie Haynes) which as since migrated here.
  • Jon "maddog" Hall, for guidance during our first few meetings.
  • Sahaj Sarup, for suggesting new board ideas and key discussion points.
  • Everyone else, who has taken the time out of their day to attend our weekly meetings and learn. Thank you for showing interest in the #OpenHours IRC channel and in advance for your future contributions! :D

The first mezzanine poll...

In our last mezzanine meeting we came to the conclusion that the community should be the ones who guide our hand. In order to do this, we will be occasionally releasing polls to find out which are the most desired mezzanines. Please take some time to fill out this form:

And if you have any mezzanines to suggest, feel free to add them in the "Other" section of the form, or visit the repository (above) and open an issue! It's that easy!


Picture of the Week:

Mezzanine made by Rafael Christ and Gustavo Retuci Pinheiro - Photograph sent by: Rafael Christ and Gustavo Retuci Pinheiro, Community Mezzanine Contributors.

To have your image or photo featured in a future installment, please submit to Robert Wolff at


Important links for you!

This week (August 10, 2017)

OpenHours Episode #65 -  This week, get ready for an OpenHours exclusive. For the first time ever, we are joined by the folks from Redhat to share some exciting news around Fedora and 96Boards! That’s right, 64-bit images are on the way and will soon be available for a subset of 96Boards Consumer Edition boards. Tune in to find out more about this exciting step forward in software enablement from the folks at Redhat. We look forward to seeing you there.

Last week (August 3, 2017)

OpenHours Episode #64 - This week on OpenHours we will meet with HIJ! Along with a recap of last week's amazing episode with the Brazilian partnership program, we will also be talking with HIJ about their voice assistant for 96Boards. This project/product not only builds in the adaptation for AI adapter, voice acquisition, noise reduction processing, ASR and NLP semantic understanding platform, but also docks with live and video on demand apps. It can be woke up and interrupted by “Hello, Xiaole” which truly achieves the idea “Hands Free Eyes Free”. HIJ voice assistant can achieve voice interaction dialogue within 10 meters, but also can listen to music, search movies and watch TV live for free. The folks at HIJ will be giving us access to their code, resources and more! See you there.

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