Issue #13

96Boards Welcomes back, the "Weekly OpenHours Digest"

Thursday - June 8th, 2017


96Boards OpenHours starts soon!


The last “Weekly OpenHours Digest” went out over a month ago… Not so weekly if I do say so myself… Some might think we let things slip a little over here, but in fact we are back stronger than ever and with a bunch of announcements. Stick around and stay tuned, because we aren’t going anywhere!

Linaro Connect - SFO17

This September, Linaro Connect will once again take over San Fransisco, more specifically Burlingame. For those of you who are not familiar with this amazing event, please take the time to visit the Linaro Connect website. For our more seasoned readers, registration is now OPEN, and we are of course now accepting papers!

Who missed the HiKey960 launch?

What a fun OpenHours episode. This special event was offered at a unique time (not our usual Thursday at 4:00p UTC) with an exciting announcement: official availability of the 96Boards HiKey960! This episode can be found on our YouTube, a must see for everyone :)

NEW! HiKey960 YouTube Announcement

Remember that old projects page?

You know, the year+ old page with about five projects and a 3D printed case? O_o GONE! The page has been completely revamped and replaced with something a little more attractive. Let’s start with 60+ 96Boards projects and an interactive back end GitHub repository. This allows contributors to submit projects with a simple pull request, nice right? 

NEW! Projects Page

What’s this all about “About”...

Since you asked, yes. The 96Boared “About” page has also seen some work. Be the first to check it out! See the new 96Boards “About statement, read through the benefits of the 96Boards ecosystem (both as a vendor and an end-user), and get an idea of who is already involved in this initiative. Poke through our partners’ sites and have fun exploring the diverse, and yet unified nature of these amazing companies.

NEW! 96Boards About Page

What’s Next?

Everything! The very near future holds holds good news for the entire 96Boards website. You as the weeks tick by, you can expect to see more changes roll out. We will be sure to keep you updated here, in this newsletter.

There is still much to share, but I think weI should save it for next week’s issue. Keep an eye on your email toward the end of each week for exciting announcements and news around 96Boards and Openhours!

See you every week at 4:00p UTC (at the end of the countdown) in the OpenHours BlueJeans channel (this link will join you directly to our channel)

If you have missed any of our previous “Weekly 96Boards OpenHours Digest” issues, you can get caught up HERE

Picture of the Week

Hackers at IBM Cognitive Build hackathon in Bangalore/Pune, India - Photograph sent by: Manivannan Sadhasivam

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This week (June 8th, 2017)

Unfortunately today’s episode with the Monero / Kovri team as been canceled and rescheduled for a later date (in July). We still look forward to having them on the show, and will be working closely with them until their rescheduled time.

On the bright side, we can take this episode back to the good ol’ days of Q&A. So bring your 96Boards/Linaro questions and the team/community will do our best to answer them.

Last Week (June 1st, 2017)

YouTube influence, Sahaj Sarup will be joining us to talk about his efforts in porting Google's Magenta Kernel on the HiKey 960. Jean-Marc brings us the "Community Minute", Daniel T. breaks down the forums and we open the floor to questions! This week on OpenHours, anything can happen...

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