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96Boards and Home Surveillance


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In our last issues #13 we made quite a few announcements around Linaro Connect and the website. Even if you missed it, you can still find all of our issues cataloged in our website repository, here.

This week we have a new repo to announce and a project to showcase.

The “projects” repository

There are times when the community would like to contribute to 96Boards development by creating projects on their own and showcasing to others. To assist in this cycle, we have come up with a project repository  for hosting any projects based on 96Boards. This repository is open to everyone who wants to contribute and make their work accessible to the entire community.

Are you feeling like submitting a project? Don't wait, just go straight to the repository and get familiar with the Contributing guidelines. It would be good to discuss the project beforehand with 96Boards team by opening a github issue. Once your project idea is approved, you can submit the project by following submission guidelines in

The First Project of many - Home Surveillance

  1. Part 1 - Introductory blog - Here we introduced the Home Surveillance project and outlined a roadmap to our end goal. Towards the end of this blog, information about how to contribute to the project was also mentioned.

  2. Part 2 - Facial recognition using OpenCV - This part focussed on getting the face detection to run using OpenCV on Dragonboard 410c. In order to make life easier for reader's, installation steps for OpenCV 3.2 was also included. Along with the blog, a video showing a working demonstration was attached.

  3. Part 3 - Webcam tracking using 96Boards Sensors Mezzanine - This part focussed on tracking faces in front of webcam using servo mount connected to a Sensors mezzanine, controlled by Dragonboard 410c. Along with the blog, a video showing the working demonstration was attached.

  4. Part 4 - Setting up your Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud Service - This part focussed on setting up AWS S3 account and streamed the detected faces to it.

  5. Part 5 - Bringing it all together! In this blog you will get the final step to the project, which is adding a triggered notification to your system and steps for stitching it all together into a final working home surveillance system using your 96Boards.

Brazilian Partnership Program

The program has begun to ramp up big time as the event moves into it's last phase! Of the 20 projects that have been submitted, many have maintained their frequent updates and provided much information around what they plan to present during the finals. Only 10 days left for these teams to really shine using the 96Boards DragonBoard 410c. For more information about this program please visit the resource site. You can also find their list of projects on the Embarcados website. For anyone who is interested in talking with the teams, many of them join us during our weekly open forum at the end of the countdown.

Picture of the Week:

Protótipo da Solução (Solution Prototype) - Photograph by: Safe2Med team, finalists from the Brazilian Partnership Program

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This week (June 15th, 2017)

OpenHours Episode #58 - So we have finally pushed out a completed project around 96Boards focusing on home surveillance. Mani, from the 96Boards team has spent the last 3 weeks putting everything together. Populating a repo full of code and instructions and pushing out five blogs so anyone can follow along to recreate the system. We included an appendix for items we hope to add to this project, and of course encourage anyone to contribute! Today, we will be walking through the process and breaking it down on video. Hopefully, by the end of the video, we will show a nice little demo and announce the next big idea! I am told the next 96Boards giveaway will be announced during this video as well :-)


Last Week (June 8th, 2017)

Unfortunately this week’s episode with the Monero / Kovri team was canceled and rescheduled for a later date (in July). We still look forward to having them on the show, and wil be working closely with them until their rescheduled time.

One the bright side, we can took this episode back to the good ol’ days with some Q&A. Community and team showed up to have some fun and talk about some interesting things!

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