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Libmraa updates

libmraa is the widely used library for accessing 96Boards peripherals from userspace in Linux distributions. 96Boards team is focusing on contributing to the library to make it much more efficient. As a part of this, our team member Manivannan Sadhasivam is submitting pull requests (PR) to add features. Till now one of his PR got merged into the libmraa mainline ( which adds support for input active low-high mode (Blog here). Now he has submitted another PR which involves adding new 'chardev' interface for gpio's. (

In linux based systems sysfs interface is used for accessing gpio's from userspace, which is good for small use cases i.e., manipulating a single gpio at a time. But when it comes to using multiple gpio's it falls apart. So, the gpio maintainer Linus Walleij proposed a new 'chardev' interface which satisfies all the requirements and really improves the way of accessing gpio's from userspace. New kernels (>=4.8) should use this feature for manipulating gpio's.

Mani's current pull request focuses on adding support for this, and we believe it will drastically improve the performance of libmraa for gpio access. This submitted PR is an initial one which doesn't have multiple gpio access support. Over the coming days, he will work on adding this support and few other things like event support, examples and much more. 

Another giveaway...

Looks like there is a raffle going around for a nice little 96Boards DragonBoard 410c kit! Don't miss your chance to win by filling out the following form

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Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c and kit giveaway - Photograph provided by: Thiago Lima of Embarcados

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This week (July 20, 2017)

OpenHours Episode #62 -  Open Q&A with a dash of libmraa updates, community mezzanine project updates, the community minute and a look at the future pinout website that is being worked on! All this week.

Last week (July 13, 2017)

OpenHours Episode #61 -  This week on OpenHours, we are back in action! With our FIRST EVER canceled OpenHours episode last week behind us, we move on to another very exciting episode. Get ready to talk miniNodes – Low Cost, High Efficiency ARM Dedicated Microservers! “miniNodes are tiny dedicated servers that run Linux on ARM processors. miniNodes can perform the same functions as a regular server, at a fraction of the cost and power used by a normal server”. Amazing enough for a nice chat on OpenHours, we will be joined by the guy who runs it all. This is your chance to learn about these microservers and more importantly how 96Boards powers their top tier 64-bit ARM miniNode. Tune in this week and don’t miss your chance to be a part of the fun.

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