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Ubuntu Core OpenHours, Hackathon - Tec de Monterrey and ELC


As you may or may not be aware, there are tons (and I mean tons) of things going on right now around Linaro and 96Boards. Being involved in international hackathons, participating in the North American Embedded Linux Conference in Oregon (USA), giving our forums an overhaul(gamification for the win), and we have teamed up with Canonical's Ubuntu Core team for a special OpenHours miniseries around the DragonBoard 410c... Believe it or not, but that is just this week's news. Not to mention, Linaro Connect(Budapest) is right around the corner. Be sure to check out our line up of keynote speakers and our session schedule. Everything at Connect is live streamed and video are also eventually posted as well, don't miss out.

OpenHours Ubuntu Core seres - Part 2/3

OpenHours has teamed up with Canonical to bring you a month full of nothing but Ubuntu Core. Now, while we intend on talking about Ubuntu Core, we will undoubtably be relating this amazing light weight operating system to its use on 96Boards. This week (today in less than an hour - JOIN NOW to secure your spot) we will be meeting with Oliver Grawert to talk about his development experience around Ubuntu Core. Oliver (Also known as Ogra) specializes in the Ubuntu Core images, hardware enablement and also producing snaps. We look forward to seeing you in the call.

Anyone on the call is welcome to ask questions about anything Linaro and 96Boards, while we have set topics for the week, all are welcome to ask questions and participate.

JOIN LIVE - for free here

Qualcomm and 96Boards Hackathon with Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico - Smart Cities with DragonBoard 410c

If you would have told me last year that 96Boards and Linaro would be teamed up with Qualcomm in sponsoring a Smart Cities hackathon for a highly esteemed university in Chihuahua Mexico, I would not have believed you. Here we are today, running a week long series of  intense workshops with over 120 engineering students around the 96Boards Dragonboard 410c. This hackathon will take place from February 24th to February 26th (non-stop, 50 hours) at the Tecnológico de Monterrey university.
If you are interested in following these efforts and cheering on these very hard working students, please keep an eye on our YouTube and Twitter channels for live streams and Tweets!

Learn more about this hack

Linaro and 96Boards visit the Embedded Linux Conference - North America

Yes, we are at the great North American Embedded Linux conference in Oregon. We have a booth, we have 96boards, we have mezzanines, fun conversation, and as much information on 96Boards and Linaro as you could ever want! To top this off, many Linaro developers will be hosting sessions throughout the event. While there is only one day left, you can still keep an eye on the ELC site for when the videos are posted on demand.

For those of you who are interested(And present at the event), there are still two Linaro sessions left! 

Be sure to check us out! Take a picture in front of our booth, tag #lfelc and Tweet us at @96Boards / @Linaro and we will make it next week's "Picture of the week" :D

Picture of the Week:

Tecnológico de Monterrey Students hack the DragonBoard 410c - Photograph sent by: Aldo Ariel Cortez of Tecnológico de Monterrey

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This week(February 23, 2017)

Part 2 of this awesome 3 part series around Ubuntu Core is on the verge of going live! This week our feature guest will be Oliver Grawert(aka Ogra) from Canonical who specializes in the Ubuntu Core images, hardware enablement and also producing snaps. We will relate his efforts to 96Boards and in particular the DragonBoard 410c. Several other developers from Canonical will also be joining us, so bring your Ubuntu questions!

Sponsored by: Linaro and Canonical

Last week(February 16, 2017)

Many of you must be familiar with Ubuntu, but what about Ubuntu Core? Episode #40 kicked off our miniseries with an in depth look at Ubuntu Core (in general), our self declared Ubuntu Core 101 episode. The engineers/developers from Canonical answered a wide range of questions from the 96Boards team and the online community.
View last weeks episode HERE!

Sponsored by: Linaro and Canonical

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Plans to adopt projects from Instructables are under way! While they make their way to the 96Boards projects page, please take a look at all of the cool projects popping up on Instructables.

Calling all makers and developers. Please send your projects my way! I would be glad to help you get them showcased on our website.

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