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Year of the 96Boards


Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Welcome to your first installment of the 96Boards OpenHours “Weekly Digest” email newsletter. As excited as I am to start sharing weekly updates to this list, hopes are that none of you are wondering how this got into your inbox... :D

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In short, the purpose of this digest is to not only inform, but to also listen. In signing up, you are committed to receiving a maximum of one email per week. Our aim is to share the latest and greatest 96Boards news, announcements on new documentation, events, board and product releases, projects, blogs, contests and giveaways, reminders, spoilers, and everything else under the sun! 

How is this digest different from any other digest? It’s special because our community (i.e. YOU!) will control a big portion of it… With plans to host weekly guest written pieces, pictures and social media content, as well as OpenHours featured guest content, everyone is commissioned to participate, and everyone is welcome to enjoy.

With all of this said, I am very happy to announce that hundreds(next week, thousands! :D) of you have already signed up!

Picture of the Week:

Snow “96Boards” #cameo - Photograph sent by: Alan Bennett of Linaro


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Next week(January 19, 2017) the 96Boards team will be talking with STMircroelectronics on their efforts in System level ESD protection. I was fortunate enough to get a pre-screening of what we have in store and was left very impressed. Please join us in welcoming Mathieu Rouvière and his team of Engineers to the 96Boards OpenHours program. As you know, here at the OpenHours offices (lol :P), we like to keep things informal and interactive. Please invite your friends, and anyone you might think is interested in participating in this great episode brought to you by the 96Boards team.

Sponsored by: Linaro and STMicroelectronics

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"The closest thing the community hacker board world has to a formal hardware standard is Linaro’s 96Boards spec. Over a half dozen 96Boards-compatible SBCs are officially sopported, most using the Consumer Edition spec, which requres standardized 40- and 60- pin expansion connectors and some other basic features, while keeping the processor choice flexible”

Eric Brown from


Here are some great projects which have been released around 96Boards. These specific projects have been taken from project pages throughout the web.

Support Forum
(Recent and Popular)

Taken from the 96Boards Forums

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