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OpenHours takes on Ubuntu Core miniseries - Part 1


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Once again back with great news around 96Boards and OpenHours. Get ready for the latest and greatest in 96Board community development and engagement as we continue forward into 2017.

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If you have yet to experience OpenHours, there is still time. We are running strong, and will soon be going live with our 41st episode. As we occasionally do, the next few episodes will actually be a 3-part series.

Teaming up with Ubuntu Testing days!

In this series we will be welcoming several Canonical engineers / developers to be featured on the show. Throughout the course of the next few weeks we will be looking extensively at Ubuntu Core. You can expect to hear about Ubuntu Core in depth from some of the people who helped make it all happen. Together we will showcase demos and share development tips, talk about the pros and cons of working with this particular OS, and relate everything to 96Boards in one way or another. 

While our guests for the next three episodes are slightly tentative, you can expect the topics to remain fairly consistent. The 96Boards OpenHours website is updated each week to reflect our current topic. For more information on each show, please refer to the website. You can also find a plethora of information on the Ubuntu Testing days website.

Episode #41 - Part 1: Ubuntu Core 101
Episode #42 - Part  2: Ubuntu Core and 96Boards w/ demos
Episode #43 - Part 3: Ubuntu Core Demo day
Episode #44 - Miniseries Finale: LIVE in Budapest with 96Boards community panel

Among other things you might find throughout our social media channels, an exciting new blog was released, focused on the beginning steps toward home automation,  OpenHours opened a new IRC channel(#OpenHours), and Robert Wolff from OpenHours was featured during Ubuntu on Air's 
"Testing Days" show

Keep your eyes on the Linaro Connect countdown. Once its over, you will either be there, or you will be ready to live stream the over 120 great sessions throughout the week! Stay tuned for more updates.

Picture of the Week:

ESP8266 Publishing to 96Boards - Photograph sent by: Jeff Wiedemann @jeffwiedemann

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This week(February 16th, 2017)

 Many of you must be familiar with Ubuntu, but what about Ubuntu Core? There will be a lot of excitement over the next few weeks as we take a look into Ubuntu Core and all of the work that went into bringing it to the 96Boards family of SBC’s. Episode #40 kicks off the miniseries with an in depth look at Ubuntu Core (in general), I think it is safe to call this an Ubuntu Core 101 episode. The engineers/developers from Canonical will answer a wide range of questions from the 96Boards team and the online community. Don’t forget, we have been teaming up with “Testing Days” as well throughout the month of February to cover as much Ubuntu Core as possible! Please join us this week in welcoming Canonical to OpenHours

Last week(February 9th, 2017)

Have you ever been interested in using 96Boards for your next product? Would you like to bring your ideas to life, and take them to market? Last week in OpenHours we spoke with Michael Kusens from Collateral Opportunities who has done just that! The 96Boards team, along with the community talked about what, why and how Michael and his company took 96Boards through the development phases, with the ultimate goal of delivering an end-product.

Sponsored by: Linaro and STMicroelectronics

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