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Happy February everyone! This is turning out to be one long, cold, and very snowy winter! (At least for those of us here in the north east US!)

Hopefully our students are braving the elements and filling those classrooms! If not, fear not! Spring is right around the corner!
Grumbacher Aprons

  Take a look at our snazzy black Grumbacher apron (that has 2 handy pockets!), worn here by our very own model, Brett Kelley. Photo credit goes to Tiffany Bargeron. (Thank you Brett and Tiffany!)

  Why are we bringing this up? Because up until now, we were providing these aprons free of charge to our instructors as part of your resupply orders. It has become too costly for us to continue to do so.

  As of 2015, instructors must now purchase these aprons at a cost of $14.95 each. If you need or want an apron, or an additional apron, or if you have other questions or concerns regarding the aprons, please contact your Grumbacher Education Coordinator directly.

The aprons are an optional purchase, they are not a required part of your uniform. Our Grumbacher apron may be worn as part of your uniform to help protect your clothes. 

  We do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, and we appreciate your understanding!

If you have moved, or changed your phone number or email address, please email this information to your Grumbacher Education Coordinator as soon as possible! We need to have current and accurate information on file.

If you have a mailing address (for postal delivery) and a different shipping address (for UPS), please email both directly to your own Grumbacher Education Coordinator, so that we can update your file. We have not previously asked for this information; please email your Coordinator only if this applies to you. Thank you!
  We're working on new lesson plans and we will be sharing them regularly. Our goal is to expand our lesson plan library exponentially this year; you should check back often to see what’s new!
These new lesson plans will be up
on the site on or before March 1, 2015.
Instructor Created Lesson Plans

  Many of our instructors like to create their own lesson plans for use in their own classes. If you are one of these instructors, please remember to get your lesson plans approved by your Grumbacher Education Coordinator prior to using them in your class! Guidelines for this are as follows:
  • The lesson plan reference must be copyright free and royalty free.
  • The subject matter must not be offensive or controversial.
  • The lesson plan must only be used by you, and only in your Grumbacher workshops.
  • The lesson plan must conform to a class syllabus by using all of the colors and brushes listed.
  • For approval, you will need to email your Coordinator a photo of the finished piece, and the subject/syllabus being used. (We do not need a full written lesson plan for this approval.)

  Lesson plans not adhering to these guidelines will not be approved. These lesson plans will not be shared with other instructors by us. Please contact your Grumbacher Education Coordinator directly with questions regarding lesson plan approval. 
Our "Lesson Plan Share" Procedure has Changed...

  We're lucky to have some amazing instructors working with us. Many of you have offered to share some of your lesson plans with our instructors via our “online lesson plan share” link. We will no longer be using that link or that format to share your lesson plans. This does not mean that we don’t want to help you share with your fellow instructors!

  Rather than the old "lesson plan share" system, we are now asking instructors who would like to share a lesson plan to submit their content directly to their Education Coordinator.  
  Please remember that this is entirely voluntary, it is absolutely not required! This is in response to the many instructors who have asked us how they can share their lesson plans with their fellow Grumbacher Instructors. If you do not wish to share your lesson plans with all of our Grumbacher Instructors, please do not submit them.
  We do have guidelines for any lesson plans that our instructors submit. If these guidelines are not adhered to, the submission will not be considered. Please review these guidelines before attempting to submit a lesson plan for the lesson plan share to your Coordinator.
  • The lesson plan reference must be copyright free and royalty free.
  • The subject matter must not be offensive or controversial.
  • The lesson plan must conform to a class syllabus by using all of the colors and brushes listed.
  • The lesson plan must have 5-10 photos of the step by step process. Photos should be jpg format, in focus, upright, and good resolution. It’s helpful if you name the photos to correspond to their step by step instructions. (step 1, step 2, etc.)
  • The written portion of the lesson plan should be submitted as a word document (.doc format, not .docx), and should contain step by step instructions, including paint mixing ratios. (1 part white to 2 parts blue, etc.)
  • Please send the photos and written portions as stated above; please do not send a pdf or an old lesson plan template containing both written instructions and photos.
  • Do not add things to the lesson plan that are not listed on the syllabus.
  • Do not leave out colors/brushes that are listed on the syllabus.
Lesson plan submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered for sharing. We will edit and format the lesson plans before sharing them.


Michaels is launching their paint party program with another company. This new program will utilize Michaels store associates. However, Michaels Education Department management indicated that they will NOT use Grumbacher Instructors, as it would conflict with our art class program.

Stay warm, friends! 

Until next month,

Grumbacher Education Department
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