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Are we taking delivery boys for a ride? ... Fast Company article

Fast Company reached out to us for our comments on their very insightful article on the situation of motorcycle delivery riders in the UAE and the region. 

The article gives insights into the eco-system, working conditions, rider pay, rider experiences on the road, interaction of riders with restaurants and delivery customers, and what it takes to improve the situation. 

Check out the article - click here! 

 we would love to work with one of the well-known delivery brands or fleet operators to become the thought-leaders for this important topic - reach out to us!

What can we - as delivery customers - do?


A pioneering study was conducted by RoadSafetyUAE to validate the road safety perceptions of UAE motorcycle delivery riders, in order to work on improvement potentials. There is just no steel around them to protect them and we see a growing number of motorcycle delivery riders on UAE’s roads unfortunately coupled with a lot of dangerous riding.

We, as caring customers, have to reflect on our vital role – since the riders’ perception is that their customers often do not appreciate their safety and lack understanding in case they would run a bit late, as the mentioned survey discovers:

Only 51% of riders think: “Customers are CONCERNED about our safety”
Only 57% of riders think:  “Customers UNDERSTAND if we are running a bit LATE”.

This is truly alarming, as we believe that this – often wrong – perception of riders drives much of the rider misbehavior! Hence we propose to focus on delivery customer’s appreciation towards their riders. We firmly believe, this will take the steam out of the system and the customers voice will result in safer rider behavior.

We invite our readers to take the DELIVERY RIDER PLEDGE, which features 4x tips.

Especially now in summer: offer your delivery rider cold water and a tip – it shows your appreciation and it will go a long way!

How delivery riders are being protected in the UAE ... Gulf News article

A short while ago, Gulf News published a comprehensive article on how motorcycle delivery riders are protected in the UAE. 

Check out the article - click here!

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