+++   'Good employer' - 3x examples   +++   1. Serco's Train-the-Trainer event   +++   2. Abu Dhabi National Hotels Compass & Al Ghazal Eco-System Workshop   +++   3. SWVL: Unexpected, but Manageable Staff Transportation Challenges   +++

Train-the-Trainer event ... by SERCO

Serco, one of our CSR-Partners shows leadership again by inviting RoadSafetyUAE to holding a road safety 'train the trainer' workshop at their Abu Dhabi operations. We worked in a physical event with 2x batches of Serco staff who will now be able to train their team members.

Leadership starts with the top and it was a pleasure to have started the workshop with a message of Phil Malem, Serco's CEO Middle East - check it out:

Congratulations to Team Serco for your dedication to the 'Good Employer' aspect of CSR and staff engagement!

 Feel free to reach out to us if you want to hold customized staff workshops! 

Eco-System Road Safety Workshop ... by Abu Dhabi National Hotels Compass & Al Ghazal 

Our CSR-Partners Abu Dhabi National Hotels Compass and Al Ghazal Transport invited us to hold a virtual workshop for their eco-system. The unique element was the development of customized questionnaire to validate where the members of their eco-system stand with regards to their:

Seat belt usage
Pre-drive vehicle checks
Speeding / Time Management / 'Running Late'

The results of the survey provide great insights for our 2 CSR partners pinpointing the improvement areas where more efforts need to happen in order to further improve the safe conduct of their eco-systems.

 Feel free to reach out to us if you want to hold customized staff workshops! 

Unexpected, but Manageable Staff Transportation Challenges... by SWVL

Our CSR-Partner SWVL posted a great article on our on-line portal about the challenges of staff transportation and how their technology solution can overcome those.

SWVL concludes, that employee transportation will always present unique and unexpected issues. As a business owner, you don’t have the time to settle them on your own. The key is to partner with a transportation vendor that can leverage technology to anticipate these challenges and resolve them immediately. Together, you can achieve optimized operations—by getting your entire staff safely into work on time each day.

Check out the article - click here!

 Feel free to reach out to the Team at SWVL to learn how they can help you for your staff transportation technology needs.

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