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84% drivers face anxiety ... Study by Volkswagen Part II 

We teamed up with our CSR-Partner Volkswagen who commissioned a YouGov survey (n>1,000) on some of the most burning issues of road safety. Part 1 was covered in our last newsletter. Part 2 of this survey we want to focus on today is related to drivers' anxiety. 

The key findings are:
* 84% of UAE motorists are affected by anxiety
* only 16% of UAE motorists are 'never' affected by anxiety

* 62% state their anxiety has 'a lot' or 'some' impact on their safe driving
** females are more affected: 69%
** 35-44yrs old are more affected: 67%
** westerners are more affected: 77%
* only 14% of motorists state anxiety has 'no impact' on their safe driving

* how to calm down: 51% listen to calming music; 39% think about something uplifting/positive; 23% breathing exercise

Our stressful lives lead to more anxiety overall and anxiety behind the wheel must be taken seriously by the ones affected. It's all about being aware of it, take calming measures, forego not absolutely necessary trips, get someone to drive you or to seek professional help. 

The media supported us greatly once again and here are great examples:
ARN news centre and we were invited to speak about the survey live on air at ARN Dubai Eye 103.8FM 'Afternoons with Helen Farmer'

'Now & Next' ... The future of trucking by Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Our CSR-Partner Mercedes-Benz Trucks invited us to their global live event 'SHAPING THE NOW & NEXT' where we learned about Mercedes-Benz Trucks' customer focused approach, technology advances and digital vehicle management solution for the current generation trucks, as well as their zero-emission journey including 'battery-electric' and' fuel cell-electric' strategies. 

We are exited to share a link to this amazing event with our eco-system: SHAPING THE NOW & NEXT  Global live event recording

Sustainability & Road Safety ... 'Living Business' by HSBC

HSBC invited us to speak at their 'Living Business' event about sustainability & road safety. A panel of industry leaders and experts discussed the challenges faced by the transport sector, and potential solutions to significantly reduce emissions in the coming years.

Topics covered: Building an electric delivery fleet; Hydrogen as an alternative; Intelligent logistics centres; Effective waste management; Eco-driving.

Check out the details in a print summary or a podcast: Google; iTunes; Spotify

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