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Truck trailer updated safety regulations in the region ... the role of ZF's EBS & ABS

The Petroleum Development Authority of Oman will be enforcing road safety standards for heavy good vehicles, particularly oil and gas vehicles, in the coming weeks. As per the upcoming regulations all vehicles including trailers will need to be equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) + ESC or Electronic Braking System (EBS) + ESC  to comply with ECER 13 standard.

ZF's EBS significantly reduces the braking distance of a commercial vehicle and greatly improves driving stability and steerability. To perform its function, EBS collects and analyzes considerable amounts of data generated by several sensors in the truck and trailer..

ZF´s Trailer Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) controls wheel slip to ensure trailer stability and steerability during braking. It prevents wheels from locking and slows down the vehicle as far as possible within physical limits. With an installed base of more than 9 million systems worldwide, it is the market-leading Trailer ABS with a powerful range of applications, enhancing vehicle safety and efficiency while being a trusted technology.

Check out more details about ZF's great technology and the resulting customer benefits - click here!

High fuel prices ... can our behavior save money and the planet?

Yes, even residents living in the oil rich GCC region can feel the pinch at the pump! Fuel prices are at a level where it makes sense to reflect and take stock ... can our behavior play a role in reducing fuel consumption?

This question was also asked by two of the biggest newspapers in town and we worked with them on providing their readers with tips & tricks of how to arrive at a more responsible eco foot print, reduce their fuel expenses and at the same time improve on road safety. 

Check out the articles in Gulf News and Khaleej Times!

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