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'Do School Run Habits Cause Morning Traffic Jams?' ... Research

We teamed up with our CSR-Partner Noor Takaful | Ethical Insurance to understand the UAE School Run Patterns which are a key ingredient to morning rush hours. This is part 2 of our 'UAE Car Occupancy Study' (conducted by YouGov).

The dependency on private cars stands extremely high at 66%, which breaks up as follows: 36% perform dedicated school runs in private cars; 19% combine school runs with the daily office commute in private cars; 11% state their driver performs dedicated school runs in private cars. 

The utilization of other forms of transportation pales in comparison: school bus (16%), taxi/limo/private van (9%), public transportation (6%) and alternative modes of transportation (3%). 

We also looped in our CSR-Partner STS (School Transport Services) for their valuable comments on the importance of increasing school bus transportation in order to reduce the number of vehicles on our roads (less congestion, less pollution, safer mode of transportation). 

For the press release which includes also the used data, click here

'Do School Run Habits Cause Morning Traffic Jams?' ... Media Coverage

RoadSafetyUAE exists to raise awareness for our cause of national priority ('Vision 2021') and to flag important areas of improvement. We are grateful for the support we consistently receive from UAE's leading media in our efforts!

The findings of the above mentioned study which we conducted jointly with our CSR-Partner Noor Takaful | Ethical Insurance were packaged in a press release, distributed and evaluated by our CSR-Partner AETOS Wire. We applaud the strong support of our CSR-Partners over the years - it takes responsible and committed partners to keep improving the situation on our roads!

Our CSR-Partners get great media exposure for their dedicated support, which labels them as truly 'good citizens' in the context of CSR. Check out the full evaluation report of this latest press release here and here are some great examples of the coverage our study received: 

Golf News
Khaleej Times

 if your organization wants to get exposure in supporting the cause of road safety from a CSR angle, feel free to contact us

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