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New data reveal cause of traffic congestion ... 'first-ever' research with Noor Takaful

RoadSafetyUAE with our CSR-Partner Noor Takaful | Ethical Insurance conducted a 'first-ever' study about the use of modes of transportation, car occupancy levels and reasons for transportation during work weeks.
Too many vehicles on our roads may lead to traffic congestion, which  is a key factor in road safety, but it also comes at a cost to economies and creates an unnecessary toll on the environment.
The study offers a solid base for the stakeholders involved to discuss meaningful initiatives that can reduce the number of vehicles on our roads.
The results indicate a high level of private car dependence. Travelling for work and for chores are the top need statements. The vast majority of motorists is alone in their vehicles in 80-100% of their trips. 
These new data can help us identify focus areas and objectives for these initiatives, like how to reduce the number of trips we’re taking, (e.g. working from home vs. working from office); how to combine essential trips; how to increase the number of occupants per vehicle; how to help move more individual traffic to public transportation; the role of technology (e.g. carpooling apps, etc.). This study paves the way for further research projects (e.g. on trip starting times and durations) and highlights the role of awareness drives, education and incentives, regulatory initiatives, and more.
For the full research data, the press release and international benchmarking, click here!

The cause of traffic congestion ... PR and media coverage

RoadSafetyUAE and our CSR-Partners are dedicated to raising awareness for the cause of road safety. What better way than to work with the leading media? 

Based on the above mentioned research project, jointly with our CSR-Partner Noor Takaful | Ethical insurance we developed a press release which was translated, distributed and evaluated by our CSR-Partner AETOS Wire. The leading media covered the results prominently: 98 articles (52 English , 46 Arabic) ... for example Gulf News. For the full evaluation report clicke here!

A big 'thank-you' goes to our involved CSR-Partners and the UAE media. 

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