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In-vehicle safety & security ... OnStar launched in UAE

Our CSR-Partner OnStar / General Motors shared an informative post on LinkedIn supporting their recent launch of OnStar in the UAE. 

With 25 years’ global experience, OnStar is the undisputed regional leader when it comes to in-vehicle safety and security. Connectivity is the foundation of General Motors Africa & Middle East's revolution of future mobility, allowing for greater advancements in Safety and Customer Experience. OnStar is the next milestone on this journey to the future and it is available in the UAE, now.
Together with Etisalat Digital team, OnStar's telecommunications partner, who’s been instrumental with OnStar launch in the UAE, a media briefing session was held  to deep-dive into OnStar. Here’s what TechRadar had to say

'Coming together for road safety in the UAE' ...  white paper

Our CSR-Partner MiX Telematics teamed up with us to develop a white paper 'Coming together for road safety in the UAE'

In addition to road safety campaigns for the community, more can be done at an organizational level to make drivers safer and, ultimately, improve road safety. This is where telematics has a huge part to play in making a positive difference. 

Fleets (including those with motorbikes, light vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles) that use telematics see benefits in relation to not only improved safety but also many other KPIs!

For anyone that needs further convincing of the benefits that telematics can bring, proof of concept trials can prove fruitful in demonstrating the value that fleet monitoring technology can provide. A selected few vehicles can be nominated to participate in a trial over a specified period and some of the pains that are contributing to areas such as poor driving standards can be identified. Once the key areas for improvement have been identified, it helps to facilitate positive driver engagement and progression by assisting organizations in using the data to monitor the results effectively and bring about positive change across the fleet.

Would you like to learn more?
If you would like more information on how to improve the safety of your fleet, you can reach out to MiX Telematics here:

AXA Egypt case study ... how SWVL adds value

Our CSR-Partner Swvl, the UAE-based 'unicorn' wants to share insights into the safe transport solutions they offer around the world. This example is about a project of Swvl with AXA Egypt. 

AXA Egypt had a history of operational issues with its transportation, as a result of which they announced a tender for their fifth Settlement Branch’s transportation. While all leading providers in the Egyptian market bid, Swvl managed to win with a competitive commercial offer and the promise of a better service. 

Check out the full details of this exciting case study here!

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