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'Running late' a main culprit of reckless driving ... study by Volkswagen

Our CSR-Partner Volkswagen teamed up with us to dig deeper in understanding the root causes of 'running late', which is a main culprit for much of the reckless driving we see on our roads! We need to address these root causes!

The main findings of the study which have been widely picked up by the media are: 
80% of drivers admit to start their trips late (only 20% 'never')
80% of those running late are more likely to speed
59% of those running late are more likely to tailgate
50% of those running late show less consideration to other road users
50% of those running late are more likely to drive distracted

What's the easy fix?
82% think leaving 10 minutes early would mean you would drive more safely
57% think arriving early benefits them by 'being calmer / less stressed'
56% think arriving early means to be 'more prepared before their meeting'
29% would use the time to check for updates on their mobile phone
25% would go for a quick coffee
21% would call someone

 There is a 'call to action' for our readers! Engage with your eco-system and share the benefits of 'LEAVING 10 MINUTES EARLY'... it's simple, free and effective!

Check out the detailed tips & tricks here!

IRF World Meeting Dubai ... 'new approaches to traffic safety education' - join us!

We will be speaking on Tuesday, November 9 • 9:00am - 10:30am at the IRF World Meeting & Exhibition with a distinguished panel about 'new approaches to traffic safety education'. Come and join us!

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