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2023 ... our wishlist

We wish you a very happy, successful and safe 2023!

We are entering the 10th year of our existence and a lot has been achieved by the involved stakeholders in the last years - refer to the article below. However, we cannot become complacent and more needs to be done! Here is our wishlist for the new year

= We need more enforcement and better technology like average-speed installations (section control), the element of 'surprise' in addition to fixed installed radars, seat belt wearing monitoring by technology, telematics tracking of the vulnerable segment of motorcycle delivery riders
Education / Awareness Creation:
= The seat belt issue needs urgent attention as, according to Abu Dhabi Police. 60% of fatalities would be avoidable by wearing seat belts
= The young driver segment needs urgent attention as this vulnerable segment accounts for about 50% of fatalities (updated driving education, telematics tracking of novice drivers (like in UK for example), staged driving licenses, etc.)
= The safety mindset must start early and we lobby for the introduction of road safety related mandatory school curriculum from KG 1 all the way to year/grade 12 and also at UAE universities
= We need the personal dedication of the UAE leaders and icons of the society to this cause - the 'word of mouth' goes a long way in the UAE culture and transcends cultures and different socio-demographic backgrounds
Evaluation / data availability
= We need better data to understand the weaknesses and opportunities. These data need to be transparently and regularly communicated and accessible to all.

We invite all interested stakeholders - and especially the corporate segment - to join us in our efforts to make UAE roads safer!

2023 ... now is a good moment in time to join us!

Especially the corporate segment can play an important role in supporting the cause of road safety.

Every organization has 2 audiences: The EXTERNAL audience, ie. customers, consumers, suppliers, the public. As road safety touches all of us, every day, our cause lends itself to all marketing/communications/CSR tools like B2C campaigns, B2B initiatives, events, speeches, PR/social media, research and more. 

Companies want to educate and protect their INTERNAL audience, ie. their staff & families. Tools we apply are staff workshops, staff road safety days, staff engagement programs, internal communication and more. 

Reach out to us and join our CSR & Engagement Platform. Our joint initiatives yield great benefits for your brand and staff. We will cater to your individual needs and budgets by offering a range of activities to choose from.

UAE cuts road deaths by two thirds in 10 years ... The National article

The National reached out to us to contribute to an article on the UAE road fatalities over the last 10 years. 

You can check out the article - click here!

Following the publication of the article, ARN Dubai Eye 103.8FM 'The Agenda' with Georgia Tolley invited us to comment on the article and share our views. 

You can check out the podcast - scroll to 1:03:00 - click here!

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Kind regards and drive safely, 

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