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Summer Truck Tyre Inspection & Truck Driver Appreciation ... ITC, Al Masaood, Bridgestone

The UAE summer heat presents challenges to truck tyres and truck drivers. Truck tyre debris is a common sight on UAE roads. This means danger to the trucks themselves, but also to oncoming traffic. Truck drivers are exposed to high temperatures posing often difficult working conditions. 

To check tyre safety in Abu Dhabi and to show appreciation to truck drivers, Integrated Transport Centre in Abu Dhabi,  RoadSafetyUAE  and our CSR-Partners Al Masaood and Bridgestone teamed up for a multi-party initiative. The main goal of this initiative is to improve the awareness about tyres among truck drivers through conducting a visual check of truck tyres condition and an interactive awareness campaign. 

276 truck tyres checked, with 2% showing dangerous levels of under-inflation and 7% of over-inflation. Even more dangerous, 6% of tyres were damaged and 8% of tyre valves were not even accessible. Tyre rotation (from front to back and left to right) can play an important role in extending the life time of a tyre and 42% of tyres need this kind of re-mounting. Valves are vital to keep tyres pressurized and valve caps are crucial to prevent valves to malfunction, hence the surveyed 43% of missing valve caps are unsatisfactory. 

In addition to the tyre checks, 75 truck drivers have been given tire safety awareness sessions about the importance of properly inflated tyres, the connection of tyre pressure to load, speed, increased outside temperature and the resulting inside tyre temperature, what kind of precaution drivers have to take to avoid the tyre blast and much more. 

Our press release was kindly translated, distributed and evaluated by our CSR-Partner AETOS Wire and as an example here is the coverage in Gulf News: and also Al Masaood's social media video.

We call on all involved stakeholders and in particular fleet operators, owner-operators, governmental entities and suppliers to take tuck tyre safety seriously, not only in summer!

Seat Belt Convincer ... engage your staff!

In the quieter summer time many companies run HSE and staff engagement initiatives. According to a study by police a while ago, 60% of road fatalities in the UAE are avoidable by the use of the seat belt! 

Hence, the use of seat belts by everyone in the car is a must! It's a great topic for staff engagement initiatives by utilizing the Seat Belt Convincer of our CSR-Partner Al Ghandi Auto

Al Ghandi Auto's Seat Belt Convincer was already deployed at HSE events at a number of top-brands like DHL, Dubizzle, Weir, GEMS Education, Europcar, Careem, Galadari Motors Driving Centre, Champs,  Dnata, Arabian Adventures, ADNH Compass, XQuarry.

  reach out to us or the Team of Al Ghandi Auto  to book the Seat Belt Convincer for free for you upcoming staff event!

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