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Seat Belt 'Convincer' @ your event! ... by Al Ghandi Auto

Our CSR-Partner AL GHANDI AUTO offer their amazing Seat Belt 'Convincer' for your event! It's a pure CSR initiative and comes to you free of cost. 

We utilized the Seat Belt 'Convincer' at various occasions:

* at staff events: road safety days, staff special events (Christmas). like with Johnson&Johnson, Abu Dhabi National Hotels Compass, dubizzle and more
* at road safety B2B events, like with SERCO
* at school events like 7 GEMS schools
* and more!

The Seat Belt 'Convincer' provides an all-senses-experience of how it feels to be saved by the seat belt. It's called 'Convincer' for a reason! Check out the video created by the Team of AL GHANDI AUTO.

Feel free to book the AL GHANDI AUTO Seat Belt 'Convincer' for your event - it comes free of charge - by contacting us here!

Self-driving vehicles ... cabinet approves UAE pilot project

Last week we saw the announcement from the UAE cabinet about the approval of testing self-driving vehicles. We were invited by Khaleej Times to share our views:

"...Safety first

When it comes to automobiles, safety is the first thing that comes to mind. The need for a safe driverless vehicle becomes even more important when around 95 per cent of accidents are due to human error in the country.

“Much of the reckless driving we observe every day is also driven by human behavior. Hence, from a road safety perspective of course self-driving vehicles and autonomous vehicles are desirable, assuming 100 per cent accurate technology and enough 'critical mass' of autonomous vehicles,” said Thomas Edelmann, managing director of RoadSafetyUAE.

“To reach there,” he said, “it needs testing and real-life evaluation. In this sense, the UAE is once again paving the way to the future, in particular the future of the automotive industry.”

He noted that the various pilot projects of driver-less vehicles with full automation in the UAE are conducted in closed environments and from a road safety perspective this is definitely the right way to go..."

Check out the full article here!

What do you think about this trial? 

Drawing competition ... by RSA Insurance

Our CSR-Partner RSA Insurance invited the families of their broker community to come up with road safety drawings.

Road safety touches ALL of us, EVERY DAY and it lends itself to all kind of activations. Engaging children in road safety ticks many strategic boxes as it helps them to understand the importance of road safety, how to protect themselves and how to start using save habits as early as possible in their lives. 

Well done Team RSA!

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Kind regards and drive safely, 

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Founder and Managing Director

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