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PR / Media Burst: COVID-19 School Bus Safety Protocol ... by STS

We worked wth our CSR-Partner STS (School Transport Services) on a PR / Media Burst sharing a great example of thought-leadership in difficult times.
STS developed for the academic year 2020/2021 a holistic safety protocol which includes effective COVID-19 related protection measures besides existing generic school bus safety elements. 
We regard STS as the leader in the school bus industry and we applaud them for adapting to the ‘new normal’ in school bus transportation in such an exemplary manner. COVID-19 brings a lot of change to the society and certainly parents want to have the extra reassurance that their children are being transported in the safest way there is!

UAE's leading media strongly picked up the press release which resulted in 95 articles (46 Arabic, 49 English) creating a media value of USD 332,500. We thank our CSR-Partner AETOS Wire for once again translating, distributing and evaluating the media burst! Check out the full evaluation. 

Examples:Gulf News and The National

Feel free to contact us if you have COVID-19 thought-leadership initiatives to share!

COVID-19 School Bus Safety Protocol ... THE DETAILS

"The new protocol, which is in line with the relevant authorities’ requirements addresses students, our buses, our drivers and bus guardians and our entire fleet operation. We make sure that all of our people are well trained and familiar with the new situation and the latest safety protocols. We have the responsibility for over 80,000 students who we transport daily in our fleet of 2,500 buses. These new protocols are vital to our safety commitment and to assure the whole education community that the school bus is the safest way to travel to and from school.“, states Steve Burnell, Managing Director of STS.

STS developed an amazing video, posters and other collateral to communicate the message.

The safety protocol includes:

·         pre-trip bus sanitisation

·         social distancing of students prior to boarding

·         face mask mandate

·         personal hygiene

·         monitoring student welfare

·         temperature checks

·         smart bus ID card scanning

·         social distancing and signage on-board

·         seat belt mandate

·         social distancing upon de-boarding

·         post-trip bus sanitisation

Check out the details in a dedicated post on our on-line portal.

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