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A big 'Thank-You' ... to our 2021 CSR-Partners

Road safety concerns all of us, every day! We are blessed that many CSR-minded partners support the cause of road safety and our CSR & Engagement platform. Our CSR-Partners recognize that their entire eco-systems are affected by road safety and that they indeed can 'make a difference' in committing to this important cause (#1 cause of life-years lost in the UAE).

The mission of RoadSafetyUAE is to raise awareness for proper conduct on our roads and the power of our CSR-Partners' touch-points is vital to help us spread the word. Jointly with our CSR-Partners we conducted a range of initiatives targeting their internal (staff) and external (customers) audiences. We keep our eco-system informed about these initiatives via our regular newsletters.

A big 'Thank You!' goes out to the 2021 batch ouf our amazing CSR-Partners!

 Please feel free to reach out to us if you want to join our CSR-Partner Team

Truck safety features ... great implementation by Mercedes-Benz Trucks, EMC and Agility

Our CSR-Partner Mercedes-Benz Trucks teamed up with Agility and their Abu Dhabi distributor Emirates Motor Company (EMC) to further improve their customer's fleet safety. Agility has the largest heavy-duty truck fleet in the UAE that are equipped with Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ celebrated Active Brake Assist safety system. In total, a quarter of the fleet has either the Active Brake Assist 4 and its latest version Active Brake Assist 5 helping to ensure the logistics powerhouse operates the safest trucks on the roads for their UAE business partners and customers.

In addition to the Active Brake Assist, these Mercedes-Benz trucks also come with other unique features such as Driver Airbag, ESP, Lane Keeping Assist, Proximity Control Assist, and Attention Assist.

To be a role-model for a road safety committed organization is a critical priority for Agility with 84% of its operations ISO 45001-certified. To achieve and maintain their high health and safety standards, they adopt the mind set of stopping accidents before they happen, and using technology to empower operation, like the advanced safety technologies on its Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Check out the great media coverage this initiative received:

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