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B2B Event ... SERCO Contractors Forum

Our CSR-Partner SERCO set another great example of their commitment to road safety and to keeping their eco-system safe. SERCO organized as part of their 'Zero Harm Week 2021' the SERCO Contractors Forum. At our first physical event in a very long time we worked with the delegates on:

* Keeping an eye on your current transport providers
* Minimum requirements for driver competencies
* Employees escalation process on buses & driver competency
* Vehicle inspections – main items to look for and the items that might get missed

We are grateful for the contributions of our CSR-Partners STS and SWVL to our part of the discussions.
Watch this space, as SERCO will hold Contractor Forums on a regular basis, drilling down on subjects of particular interest to their service providers. 

Driver anxiety ... 'calming music' playlist & webinar

As we reported in our earlier newsletter. we teamed up with our CSR-Partner Volkswagen on a study to understand driver anxiety. We learned not only, that 84% of motorists face anxiety, but also that 'calming music' can play a role in overcoming it. Volkswagen teamed up with anghami to produce and share a 'calming music' playlist
Click here to download this playlist!

Besides calming music, there is series of other remedies, like: 
* Think about something uplifting and positive
* Engage in breathing exercises
* Someone to talk about it
* Speak to my passengers

Volkswagen reached out to Lighthouse Arabia and Dr. Saliha Afridi PsyD (US) Clinical Psychologist held a webinar to give motorists practical tips + tricks of how to rationalize and to overcome driver anxiety. 
Click here for a recording of the webinar!

Transport technology ... a pivotal role in road safety

As even His Highness Sheikh Mohammed tweets about our CSR-Partner SWVL, we are delighted that SWVL shared with us more insights on their vision of the pivotal role which transport technology plays for road safety. 

SWVL's first blog on our platform 'How Technology Can Improve Employee Retention, Productivity, and Morale' touches on: 

* Lengthy Commutes May Result In Unsafe Driving Conditions
* The Safety of Employees Can Impact Your Business
* The Connection Between Commuting and Productivity
* How The Daily Commute Impacts Employee Retention
* How Technology Can Improve Your Employee Transportation Issues

Check out the full post on our on-line portal!

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