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Our very 1st CSR-Partner renewed for the 10th time!  ... a massive 'Thank You!'

When we launched RoadSafetyUAE at the end of 2013, Michelin was the very first CSR-Partner who joined our platform for the important topic of tyre safety. We will always be grateful for this! Now, for 2023, Michelin renewed our CSR-Partnership for the 10th time! An extra big 'Thank-You!' goes to the team at Michelin

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - developed greatly in the last 10 years and ever more organizations are looking for the right cause to support to earn their 'Good Citizen' and/or 'Good Employer' CSR label. For us and for our cause, Michelin set a great example and acted as a door-opener to more than 60 other CSR-minded corporations we have been working with over the last 9 years since our inception. 

On a personal note, the initial phase of RoadSafetyUAE was a very intense period, as it was not clear if leaving the cushy corporate world and attempting to convert the passion for road safety into a healthy, viable and permanent platform was at all possible. Hence, the early and ongoing support of Michelin will never be forgotten!

 If you are interested in learning more about how you can support us and our cause, feel free to contact us.

Distracted Driving ... no. 3 cause of death, ITC and media focus

'Distracted Driving' remains the no. 3 cause of death on UAE roads. The Integrated Transport Centre of Abu Dhabi (ITC) took a disruptive angle on raising awareness for the overall topic by highlighting one form of distraction, namely how eating or drinking while driving increases the chances of getting in a car accident by a whopping 80 per cent. Khaleej Times covered the story and reached out to RoadSafetyUAE for our views. 

We cover the topic on our on-line portal and we provide 'Tips & Tricks' which were also included in the Khaleej Times article. 

Distracted Driving @ RoadSafetyUAE - click here!
Distracted Driving article @ Khaleej times - click here!

 If your are interested to engage & protect your eco-system regarding Distracted Driving, feel free to reach out to us

Rain in the UAE ... How to stay safe on our roads

This winter the UAE has witnessed a great amount of rain. With all the associated benefits comes the negative impact on road traffic. We were invited to share our views and 'Tips & Tricks' of how to stay safe for an article in Khaleej Times.

Whatever topic you are interested in to get the proper 'Tips & Tricks', you can always turn to our on-line platform - click here - and for the specific topic of 'Driving in Bad Weather' - click here!

 If your are interested to engage & protect your eco-system regarding 'Driving in Bad Weather' feel free to reach out to us

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