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Happy New Year! ... Our new year's wishes?

Happy New Year! Here are our 3 wishes for the new year:

1. Treat everyone else on the road like you want to be treated! Let's foster a road culture which is based on a caring attitude, politeness and good manners!
2. Start every road trip 10 minutes early! 'Running Late' is a the main ingredient in much of the reckless driving we see on our roads (Speeding, Tailgating, Bullying, etc.)
3. Use your seat belt - everyone in the car! 60% of UAE fatalities happen because motorists are not buckled up! It's the law for everyone to buckle up!

Companies, help us spread awareness towards your staff and your external audiences!
Media, we are looking forward to your continued strong support for our cause!
Governmental entities, we applaud your continued strong commitment and collaboration!

A big 'Thank You' ... to our CSR-Partners

Our start-up was launched on 1-January-2014 and we were curious if a road safety platform like RoadSafetyUAE would be able to survive, make an impact and get the support of the vital stakeholders. 

Since then, we have worked with more than 60 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partners on various projects 'through the line'! As an NGO / Social Enterprise we depend on the support of our CSR-Partners that we secure through win-win ROI focused initiatives all aimed at increasing the awareness for road safety, which is our mission. We are very proud to have received awards on global, regional and country levels for the work we have been doing with our CSR-Partners.

We have been humbled by the fantastic support of these strong brands, who are like-minded and dedicated to the cause of road safety.... a very big 'Thank You' goes to all of our CSR-Partners of the last 7 years!

 Should you be interested in becoming a CSR-Partner, feel free to contact us

A big 'Thank You' II ... to UAE's leading media

As our mission is to raise awareness for the cause of road safety, which is not only the UAE's #1 cause of life-years lost, the UAE's  #2 cause of death overall, and the #1 cause of death for children below 15, but also a 'national priority' in the 'UAE Vision 2021', what better way than to receive the wonderful support of UAE's leading media for our cause!

Right from our launch we enjoyed strong media support, which over the last 7 years yielded almost 6,000 media articles and created a media value of almost US$ 20 million for our cause, as measured by our CSR-Partner AETOS Wire in their clipping reports. 

We are truly grateful for all the wonderful support of UAE's leading media and we want to say a very big 'Thank You' for your dedicated support over the years!

A big 'Thank You' III ... to UAE's governmental entities

Last but not least, a big 'Thank-You' goes to the UAE governmental entities who have been supporting us in our events and initiatives over the years!

RTA became our very first supporter even before we went live in 2014 and this will not be forgotten! Since then, we received great support from various governmental entities including RTA, Dubai Police, MOI, KHDA, MOE, Abu Dhabi Police and many more!

RoadSafetyUAE wants to fulfil the role of a platform inviting all likeminded entities from the public and private sectors to collaborate for the benefit of the cause of road safety. It goes without saying that the strong support of the public sector entities is a key ingredient to our success over the years. 

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Kind regards and drive safely, 

Thomas Edelmann
Founder and Managing Director

M: +971 50 55 19 216

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