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App to track rider/driver safety ... by MiX Telematics

Do you need to improve safety across your fleet?

Our CSR-Partner MiX Telematics is pleased to announce the brand new launch of MyMiX Tracking. This new, ground breaking app makes it possible to measure driver performance and task management across your fleet. MyMiX Tracking provides real time driver feedback and with it being app / mobile phone based, you can track and monitor driver safety without having to install any hardware!

The solution suits fleets of all types including motorbikes, sub-contracted fleets, company cars and more.  If you are looking to make safety improvements across your fleet look no further. MiX Telematics is also offering free trials to eligible fleets to demonstrate the positive impact the app will bring to your fleet and your drivers. To learn more visit here.

If you would like to see whether you’re eligible for the free trial please get in touch through our Dubai based MiX representative – William Newman and quote the reference 'RoadSafetyUAE'!

Alternatively you can reach the Team at RoadSafetyUAE to refer you - we would love to see a major player in the motorcycle delivery industry, be it a delivery fleet or one of the well known aggregator brands, to team up with MiX Telematics and RoadSafetyUAE for a trial!

School Run Horror Stories ... ARN Dubai Eye 103.8FM Afternoons with Helen Farmer

ARN Dubai Eye 103.8FM 'Afternoons with Helen Farmer' invited us to speak alongside listeners, school teachers, school principals, parents and other stakeholders about a topic which is very close to our heart, namely road safety around schools. 

Check out the podcast and our part starts at 11:05 

Parents must be 'at their best' when dropping off and picking up their children and they must be aware of their role model function! We compiled a list of tips & tricks with regards to safety around schools + school buses. Click here for these tips & tricks!

Our key messages in the live radio interview were that, 
* Parents not only need to display their very best traffic manners, but also
* Apply time management to show up at schools before the rush and pick up their children past the rush, ideally.
* In addition, as there is a lot of creativity among the stakeholders school operators, principals, teachers, parents and students, all are invited to come forward with improvement ideas around their very school!

... ... ... ...

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