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Seat Belt Convincer @ dnata ... by Al Ghandi Auto

Our CSR-Partner Al Ghandi Auto teamed up with dnata under the leadership of Arabian Adventures for a staff-related road safety initiative utilizing Al Ghandi Auto's Seat Belt Convincer

If you ever tried it, you would know why it's called 'Convincer'. It's impressive to feel the forces of an 8 km/h impact and the protection the seat belt offers!

Leadership for road safety starts at the top of organizations and Arabian Adventures' General Manager showed great commitment to the initiative being one of the first to try out the seat belt convincer. 

Check out a video of the activation.
Feel free to reach out to us to book your free Al Ghandi Seat Belt Convincer activation!

Original Spare Parts ...  Campaign by Daimler Commercial Vehicles

Spare parts represent a relatively small share of the operating costs of trucks, which tends to give the false impression that fleet operators can compromise on genuine parts and make do with cheaper aftermarket parts.

Our CSR-Partner Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA tackles this topic and underlines that the impact of non-OEM spare parts is often overlooked by fleet operators until a defective part brings an entire vehicle to a juddering halt, leading to unplanned downtime and disruption in business. at the very least. In most cases, a cost-saving plan to use cheaper aftermarket parts backfires as the shorter lifecycle of such parts create the need for more frequent replacement and leads to additional costs in the long run.

Check out the full article of Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA published in Plant Machinery Vehicles. 

Creative Women's Day Campaign ... by VW  

Our CSR-Partner Volkswagen developed a creative Instagram campaign celebrating the 8-March International Women's Day. 

Volkswagen used some of the insights we published earlier in a gender-comparing press release. 

Check out the Instagram video here!

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