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New year's resolution ... behavior change starts with self-commitment

95% of road accidents happen due to human error. Let's be cognizant of it and let's make sure we behave safely and responsibly on the roads!

Let's start the new year with a great resolution ... by taking the on-line pledge for safe driving!

Pledge now!

Invite your family, your friends and colleagues to take the pledge, too!

Tyre study ... & addressing the findings with a major driving school

Our CSR-Partner Continental conducted a YouGov survey and teamed up with Emirates Driving Institute to address the findings in a video for aspiring motorists

The Continental survey produced some interesting and worrying results indicating that drivers often take their tyres for granted and don’t make the necessary checks. Of 400 18–30-year-olds resident in the UAE surveyed:

- 57% said they don’t check their tyres for cracks, bulges or damage
- 49%  didn’t know how to check the depth of tread on their tyres
- 35% were unaware of the law relating to minimum tyre tread
- 30% knew how to change a tyre, but most need more training
- 26% didn’t know the age of their tyres
- 22% don’t know the recommended tyre pressure for their vehicle.
- 5% said they simply never check their tyres at all.

Check out the press release. Well done Team Continental!

Employee Transportation Should Go Beyond 
Simply Driving Employees Around  
...  by SWVL

Our CSR-Partner SWVL published their latest blog on our on-line portal. A daily commute can be unsafe and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Disregarding those challenges can affect your business, employee safety, and earnings. However, employee transport solutions can help simplify, manage, and optimize all in one place. 

Across the UAE today, roads are in critical need of a reduced volume of vehicles (for improved road safety and greater sustainability). Employers can help play a pivotal role in reducing the number of daily drivers by adopting an employee transportation solution.

Employers who choose to implement an employee transportation service provide various benefits to both the company and employees. But the right employee transportation service can also impact overall road safety.

Check out the full blog here!

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