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Holiday Season: Focus on 'No Driving under the Influence'

With the Holiday Season approaching and the relaxed legal situation, we want to focus on the important topic 'No Driving under the Influence of Alcohol & Drugs' ('No DUI').

According to Dubai Police public data, 'Driving under the Influence of Alcohol' was the #2 cause of accidents in the emirate in 2019 and of course this is pretty alarming!

Recently the UAE family law was overhauled and "...Alcohol consumption is no longer a criminal offence. Anyone who drinks or is in possession of alcohol or sells alcoholic beverages in authorized areas without an alcohol licensee will not face penalties...Abu Dhabi ended its alcohol license system for residents in September. Previously, a license was needed to buy or consume alcohol. This federal law will now apply to all emirates." (ref. The National article).

With these legal changes and the Holiday Season approaching, we want to invite all UAE motorists to refresh their memories on safe conduct - check out the dedicated topic on our on-line portal

Employers are invited to engage with their staff and share our tips & tricks about responsible consumption! It would also be amazing to see related messaging by responsible vendors and brands - feel free to reach out to team up!

Happy National Day! ... our message

Happy National Day! We posted our message on LinkedIn:

"...The UAE achieved so much in so many areas, and also in our area of road safety, the achievements of the nation have been amazing!

-58% fatalities between 2008 and 2019! This great achievement is the result of a collaborative and inclusive approach of all involved stakeholders ... well done!

Many thanks to all the committed partners who have supported us and our cause over the years!"

Other data also substantiates the achievements of the nation in the area of road safety. In the 'Road Safety UAE Monitor' which we have been running since 2015, a representative sample of UAE residents (n > 1,000) consistently articulates the appreciation for the ongoing infrastructure developments, with solid 'strongly agree/agree' values, often in the 80% range with an all-time-high of 84% in the 2020 research wave.  

Besides, we witness an ever increasing number of awareness initiatives by authorities, other likeminded private organizations and the UAE media. It's truly amazing to work in such an exciting and successful eco-system!

More biofuel ... for UAE's leading fleets!

Neutral Fuels is on a roll! After their recently announced collaboration with our CSR-Partner STS (ref. our last newsletter) now Al Wegdaniyah Transport Solutions is switching from fossil fuel to Neutral Fuels biofuel for the fleet of buses it uses for staff transportation services and mall shuttles. Al Wegdaniyah clients include Emirates Airline staff transportation across Dubai 24x7. They also run shuttle buses for shopping malls such as Nakheel Mall and The Pointe, and hotels such as Palazzo Versace and Jood Palace. 

Karl Feilder, CEO of Neutral Fuels, said that "Biofuel immediately reduces greenhouse gasses and other pollutants. If companies with transportation fleets gave up fossil fuels in favor of clean green biofuel, this would have the maximum impact on reducing CO2 in the environment. The change is very easily made because switching from fossil fuel to biofuel requires no modification to diesel engines. It also has a positive effect on engines because its lubricating properties help prevent premature wear and failure. It even acts as a detergent in fuel systems, removing sludge deposits which improves efficiency and reduces maintenance costs.

Feel free to contact us to be brought in contact with Karl and his team at Neutral Fuels.

Kind regards and drive safely, 

Thomas Edelmann
Founder and Managing Director

M: +971 50 55 19 216

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