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e-Scooters: blessing or curse? ... updated rules

There is a strong demand for micro-mobility, and we see e-scooters everywhere. Unfortunately, we also see a lot of reckless behavior from e-scooter riders.

The appropriate infrastructure is growing, but it does not match the current demand and use of e-scooters. We see all ages of e-scooter users. We see e-scooters used practically on all surfaces, like roads, pedestrian walkways, and bike lanes. Even in dedicated zones many e-scooters go without lights at night; only a minority wear helmets, protective gear and reflective safety vests.

Weaker traffic participants, especially pedestrians, get taken advantage of by the reckless behavior of e-scooter users. Other less agile road users, especially cars, often cannot react quickly enough to the swift actions of reckless e-scooter riders.

Hospitals are reporting increased numbers of e-scooter rider accidents and pedestrian injuries caused by e-scooter riders.

A all these facts call for more and urgent regulation and education on the rules. It is good that progress is made regarding age restrictions (above 16 years in Dubai) and the need for a special permit that we understand is quick and easy to obtain. We also understand that the officially allowed zones increased from 5 to 10 areas in Dubai.

Learn more about the further steps that need to be taken: e-scooters and micro-mobility
Check out the updated rules and regulations for Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Check out the Khaleej Times article we contributed to. 

Ramadan campaign ... by RTA & TMNF

We connected our prospective CSR-Partner TMNF (Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance) with RTA to participate in their Ramadan campaign. TMNF and RTA distributed 1,000 Ramadan Iftar boxes stuffed with delicious food among taxi drivers and truck drivers at truck driver resting areas. 

We love this initiative as it combines giving of food and giving vital tips of how to stay safe on our roads during Ramadan. 

On our on-line portal we feature a dedicated topic with Tips & Tricks for staying safe in Ramadan - check it out!

3x RoSPA Winner ... our CSR-Partner STS Group

Needless to state that the highest possible safety standards are vital in school bus transportation, but also in staff and touristic transportation. STS Group is setting one more proof point of their undisputed thought-leadership by winning multiple awards at one of the globally leading award schemes. 

We congratulate our CSR-Partner STS Group for winning 3 Gold Awards at the RoSPA Health and Safety Awards 2022.
🏆 RoSPA Gold Award.
🏆 RoSPA Fleet Safety Gold Award.
🏆 RoSPA Winner of the Fleet Safety Trophy - Middle East.

This fantastic and well-deserved accomplishment demonstrates STS Group's excellence in managing occupational road risk and their unwavering commitment for keeping people safe at work.

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