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'Connected Cars' ... pioneering safety and security

OnStar is RoadSafetyUAE's newest CSR-Partner, taking on the role of "flag-bearer" for the topic of "Connected Cars". OnStar is GM's in-vehicle pioneering safety and security technology, and it also enables a suite of Connected Services in Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac vehicles. It is the only in-vehicle subscription that enables prompt and safe recovery of your car in an event of a theft in the Middle East. A subscription that offers choice and flexibility to customers who can add additional services based on their preferences.

With the Connected Car, OnStar is leading the way, by enabling a car that can call out for help in an emergency. With over 25 years of expertise and over 22 million connected GM vehicles on the road across the world, OnStar is here to elevate the ownership experience in GM vehicles, whether in an emergency or on a daily commute. You can't plan for everything that could happen while you're on the road, but you can prepare for it. That's the main purpose of OnStar. If the worst happens, an OnStar Advisor is ready to help you and your loved ones 24/7 and stay on the line with you until emergency responders arrive.

OnStar, as a technology platform, offers an elevated customer experience by offering convenience services in or out of the vehicle with MyChevrolet, MyGMC or MyCadillac mobile application which allows an authorized Member to remotely control and check on the vehicle from anywhere, as well as a built-in Wi-Fi® Hotspot that’s powerful enough to support up to 7 devices with available 4G LTE data plans from carrier partners, to name just a few.

OnStar Connected Services and Wi-Fi data plans are currently live in the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Visit to learn more.

School bus accident Ajman ...  lessons learned

Following the tragic school bus accident in Ajman, ARN Dubai Eye 103.8 invited us to share our views live on air.

Listen to the interview here!

It goes without saying that the eco-system making sure our children are transported safely must work to the highest possible standards.
Check out our dedicated topic on school bus safety where you can also find RTA's guidelines for all involved stakeholders. 

People with determination / Lisbon ... how SWVL adds value

Our CSR-Partner Swvl, the UAE-based 'unicorn' wants to share insights into the safe transport solutions they offer around the world. This example is about a project of Swvl for 'People With Determination' in Lisbon, Portugal.

With regular fixed appointments to keep - hospital, social services, work - People With Determination also referred to as 'Persons with Reduced Mobility' (PRMs) rely on transport to be reliable. Unfortunately, however, scheduling complex PRM transport requests and respecting pick-up and drop-off times is extremely challenging for bus operators.

And while most of us can fall back on alternative transit modes if our ride is late or doesn’t show, PRMs just don’t have that luxury. This was the case when Swvl was called in to optimize PRM transport for Lisbon City Council bus operator Carris. And Lisbon isn’t alone: with global populations ageing, demand for PRM transport is only set to rise. And with it, the costs of providing the service. Lisbon is one of many cities in urgent need of more efficient and affordable PRM transport solutions.

Swvl adapted the on-demand solution to PRM transport, configuring a network of virtual door-to-door stops for maximum user comfort and convenience. For PRMs, respecting pick-up and drop-off times takes precedence over travel time, so we designed an algorithm and system that considers this balance appropriately. We also enabled bulk pre-programming of repeat rides. This saves time and improves efficiency for operators and ensures a more reliable service for passengers.

Check out to full case study here and feel free to reach out to the Team at Swvl for more information!

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