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381 fatalities ... 2021 UAE data released (MOI)

We worked with The National Newspaper and the ARN News Center on commenting on the 2021 road traffic accident data released by Ministry of Interior (MOI). We were also invited to speak about the trend and the causes of accidents by 103.8FM 'The Agenda' - go to 1:02:10 were our part starts. 

While the 2021 fatalities number (381) is higher than 2020 (354) which however was a 'COVID-year' with far less traffic than usual, the long term trend vs. the last 'pre-COVID-year' 2019 (448) shows a positive trend. Going 10 years back to 2011 (720) the positive trend gets even more pronounced. As the number of fatalities is the most crucial KPI in road safety, the involved stakeholders governmental entities, the media and supportive corporations can be congratulated on their contributions to such a great positive trend!

Still, more needs to be done to raise the awareness for proper conduct! The top 5 forms of misbehavior account for 61% of all accidents! 
1. Sudden Deviation (Lane Swerving) 15.7%
2. Not leaving enough distance (Tailgating) 13.9%
3. Being distracted 13.0%
4. Entering street before checking it's clear 9.6%
5. Neglect and Inattention 8.8%

We wish for more supportive corporations joining us in our quest for further raising the awareness for safe conduct on our roads. 

For more details on these data check out our dedicated topic - click here! and go to section B).

Mini Van / People Mover Safety ... speech at Truck & Fleet Conference

RoadSafetyUAE was invited by the Truck & Fleet Conference UAE to speak about the important topic of MIni Van / People Mover safety. We witnessed many accidents over the years and the authorities call for a ban of people transportation with these vehicles. 

We provided the delegates with background information and our views on how to increase safety in this crucial segment of day-to-day people/staff transportation. We shared our visions with regards to:

'Which vehicles' - Engineering
'Who drives' - Education
'How is driven' - Enforcement 

Reach out to us if you wish to receive our presentation with all the details!

Summer Driving Tips ... share it with your eco-system!

Yes, it's getting hot again! We want to remind our eco-system about how to stay safe in summer.

We encourage our readers to share these tips & tricks with your staff, colleagues, customers!

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