High Holy Days
Special Edition September 8, 2020
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Welcoming the New Year in a Pandemic

Suzanne Greenberg, President

Shalom Chaverim!

It's hard to believe summer is almost over and the High Holy days are just around the corner. I hope everyone is taking advantage of the last of the beautiful weather.

During these strange times, we are facing yet another holiday that will be celebrated together, but apart. As Jews, we have a long history of survival through challenges and even horrors, yet we have managed to stay together and thrive as a vibrant living community. This Pandemic has given us another life challenge, but we know will survive; after all, survival is in our DNA.

This year continues to be a year of firsts and this will be the first virtual High Holy Days celebration for Jews all over the world. We won't have our own Rabbi; instead will be doing a combination of our own, lay-led services zoom services as well as joining some online services led by the Kavana Cooperative (based in Seattle) who have welcomed our community for the holidays. Click here to learn more about Kavana Cooperative. 

We are lucky to be led on Rosh Hashanah morning by singer/chazanit Ilana Blatt who will continue the musical approach to prayer that we introduced last year. Ilana has led a few musical events for our Havurah, so some may be familiar with her joyful energy, beautiful voice and raw talent. We hope you will join us from the comfort of your own homes as we delve deep into our souls, look back at this topsy turvy year and look ahead, with hope, to a renewed year and future for ourselves, our family and friends, this country and the planet. 

Enclosed is the tentative schedule for the High Holy Days. This year we are asking for a small donation for each holiday which would include our services and any Kavana services. There is a member price and a non-member price; both are quite modest and everyone is always welcome regardless of whether they choose to pay or not; we will not be collecting tickets or tracking who decides to pay.

Though we will be joining Kavana for some of their services, we will still collect fees for those services from our membership and in turn, the Havurah will cover the cost of Kavana's tickets. If you are able to give more, we welcome your generosity and as always, if there is hardship, please give whatever you can afford. If you are not planning to go to Kavana services, feel free to adjust your donation as appropriate. Please do understand though that Kavana pricing is much higher than ours and the Havurah will be subsidizing your payments to us. 

Thank you for supporting us as we venture into a new way of doing services!

B'Shalom and Shana Tova!
Wishing you all a sweet new year!

Suzanne Greenberg
President of Vashon Havurah

Register for Havurah Services here!
There is one Zoom registration for all services. Please indicate if you are attending Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, or both. Then go below to pay online or mail in a check.

Register for Kavana Services here!
To register for Kavana services, please follow these specific directions for our congregation:
  1. When you get to the payment section, there is partner pricing, non-partner pricing, and a field that says, "Financial Hardship for Non-Partners". Use that last option since you will be paying Vashon Havurah and we will pay Kavana.
  2. When you get to the end of the form, write the word VASHON in the "extra email addresses" field.

Rosh Hashanah
Friday, September 18
6:30 pm: Havurah Half hour Zoom Service to light holiday candles and connect as a community.
7 pm: Kavana evening services

Saturday, September 19
10 am: Havurah Morning Zoom Service led by Ilana Blatt
Any time: Kavana Rosh Hashanah Family Service (pre-recorded)

12:00pm: Kavana Torah Service
1:30pm: Kavana Musaf Service (Zoom)
1:30pm: Kavana Arts Workshop (Zoom)
3:00pm: Kavana Youth Discussions for upper elementary, middle school, and high school students (Zoom)

Sunday, September 20
9:00 am
Kavana Day Two Rosh Hashanah Services (Zoom)

3:00 pm: Havurah Socially Distanced Tashlich at Lisabuela Park.

Yom Kippur
Sunday, September 27
7 pm: Kol Nidre - Lay led evening Zoom Service with Julea Gardener leading us in the Kol Nidre and a Drash from Barry Grosskopf.

Monday, September 28th
8:45 am:  Kavana Yoga (Zoom)
9:00 am: Kavana Yom Kippur Family Programs (Zoom)

Any Time: Kavana Yom Kippur Family Service (pre-recorded)
10 am: Havurah Lay Led Egalitarian Zoom Service with members of Coolanu Havurah.
12:00 pm - Kavana Torah Service (Zoom)

1:00: Socially Distanced Yizkor at the Havurah
2:00 pm - Kavana Musaf Service, with Avodah (Zoom)
2:30 pm - Kavana Yoga Nidra (Zoom)
3:00 pm - Kavana Youth Discussions for upper elementary, middle school, and high school students (Zoom)
3:00 pm: Havurah Book of Jonah Zoom discussion led by Chaim Rosemarin 
6:00 pm: Havurah Lay Led Zoom Ne'ilah service 
7:00 pm: Havurah Break fast together on Zoom!! 
High Holy Days Services
Suggested Donation 

(Includes all Havurah & Kavana Services)

 Click Here to Pay Online! 
(Under the purpose of your donation, please write "High Holy Days")

Rosh Hashanah Tickets
Member Price Per Person (above b'nei mitzvah age): $54
Non-Member Price Per Person (above b'nei mitzvah age): $108

Yom Kippur Tickets
Member Price Per Person (above b'nei mitzvah age): $54
Non-Member Price Per Person (above b'nei mitzvah age): $108

Please send checks to:

High Holy Days at Vashon Havurah
PO Box 89
Vashon, WA 98070

September Torah Study
9:30 am • Every Saturday Morning • On Zoom!

"We're gonna Zoom, we're gonna Zoom.... we're gonna zoom, zoom, zooma zoom...every Saturday from 9:30 - 11:00 am!"

Click Here to Join Torah Study on Zoom!! 

September 12
Parashat Nitzavim-Vayeilech / פרשת נצבים־וילך

Deuteronomy 29:9 - 31:30  (triennial 29:9 - 30-14)

"You stand this day, all of you, before the Lord your God — your tribal heads, your elders and your officials, all the men of Israel, your children, your wives, even the stranger within your camp, from woodchopper to water drawer — to enter into the covenant..."

September 19
Rosh Hashanah I (Connect via our Rosh Hashanah Zoom service) - ראש השנה יום א׳ (בשבת)
Genesis 21:1 - 21:34 & Numbers 29:1 - 29:6
"The Lord took note of Sarah as promised, and the Lord did for Sarah as he had spoken. Sarah conceived and bore a son..."

Parashat Ha'Azinu / פרשת האזינו

Deuteronomy 32:1 - 32:52  (read entire parshah every year)

"Give ear, O heavens, let me speak; Let the earth hear the words I utter! 'May my discourse come down as the rain, My speech distill as the dew, Like showers on young growth, Like droplets on the grass..."


Everyone is welcome to join these illuminating and warm discussions - no preparation required!

 Learn more about the Havurah Torah study group on our website 

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