Introducing Meetsy

Reedsy is excited to announce a project that has been in the works for a long time now. Over the past three years, Reedsy has gathered over 500 Gigabytes of data that show how authors and editors match on our platform. And we put all that data to good use. Today, we are pleased to announce our most recent addition: MEETSY, the world’s first dating app for authors and editors.
Let's face it: romance just isn’t the same anymore. No more long, handwritten letters confessing your undying love. No more wind-swept walks by the pier where both parties endlessly discuss the merits of the Oxford comma. So with this in mind... we’ve got just a couple questions for you.

Ever feel alone when you wake up for all those dark, 4AM book-writing sessions?

Tired of correcting your partner when they say, “who,” instead of, “whom”? 

Aghast at the thought of going outside and leaving your novel behind just to meet that special someone? 

Let us help you. Meet the features of Meetsy: 
  • Our advanced algorithm will calculate your compatibility with a partner based on your writing style, choice of POV, and grammatical accuracy
  • Connect with that special someone through a messaging system that’s just a blank page. Simply type, “Hello, stranger,” at the same time... and who knows what magic will pass? 
  • Swipe left and right freely knowing that Reedsy’s rigorous vetting process always has your back  
  • Follow the stories of writers everywhere who found romance using Meetsy through our brand-new “From Our Meetsers” feature!
Our very own romance expert Ricardo will be throwing a special event at the Romance Writer’s Association to promote our new app — so stay tuned for more news. This is your chance. Join us on Meetsy: the new Reedsy dating app for writers, editors, and lovers!
– The Reedsy Team

P.S. And Happy April Fool's, everyone! :) 
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